New Release + Review: Elemental Fae Academy by Lexi C. Foss & J.R. Thorn



Elemental Fae Academy by Lexi C. Foss and J.R. Thorn is available now!

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My one piece of advice: Never kiss a stranger.

See, I kind of kissed this sexy man at the bar on a dare once, and it turns out he’s a Royal Fae destined to be my mate. Now I’ve been dragged to the Elemental Fae Academy to control the powers I unlocked that night.

So kissing? Yeah, that won’t happen again. Nope.

Lesson learned.

Except, I kind of kissed Titus, too. And well, now, I’m in a world of trouble. I keep burning things down, flooding dorms, and I’ve attracted the campus mean girl brigade.

This Fae Realm is a nightmare come to life. Truly.

But there are dreams here, too.

Sexy ones.

And they’re in the form of five Elemental Fae mentors. They’re supposed to help me control my powers, but who’s going to keep the elements from controlling me?

Note: This is a medium burn reverse harem paranormal romance, and book one of the Elemental Fae Academy trilogy.



Julia’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

Elemental Fae Academy is probably the best reverse harem I’ve read. Why? Because she slowly meets each mate and bonds with them on a level I’ve never seen. I’m completely and wholly enraptured by this start of a series and need more now!

Claire has a long and hard road in front of her. Once believing she’s only human to finding out she’s part Fae will mess with anyone’s mind. She struggles with her new reality. Thankfully she has some great men, and eye candy, to help settle her. Claire’s spirit and fight will draw you in, while her determination to prove she isn’t her mother will keep you from putting the book down. Exos, at first, is a bit of an asshole. Soon though he shows his true colors. Exos is naughty and sweet, as well as a badass. Titus is complete passion. If passion was a person, it’d definitely be Titus. Not only is he passionate, but he also has a sweet side that melts your heart. We also meet Vox, I really want to know more about Vox. He’s very dedicated to his craft and sweet. He’s also going to fight his attraction a bit.

This was a killer start to a new series! So many things happening yet you can feel the emotions pop out of the book. Spirit, passion, confusion, guilt, love, acceptance, and determination. I need more of this story!


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About The Authors:

USA Today Bestselling Author Lexi C. Foss loves to travel and write in supernatural worlds. Paranormal romance is her favorite genre, but she dabbles in contemporary romance when she needs a break from the darker side of her mind.

Coffee is her addiction, swimming is her passion, and she has a not-so-secret adoration for eclipse chasing.






USA Today Bestselling Author J.R. Thorn is a Reverse Harem Romance author living in the dreamy Seattle suburbs that inspire her work. She loves to write books with snappy plot arcs amplified (but not dominated) by sexy characters that won’t let you stop reading!

Be sure to stop by J.R. Thorn’s Website:





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