New Release + Review: Bearly Even Friends by Nicole Garcia

Bearly Even Friends by Nicole Garcia is LIVE!

It’s Christmas in July with this sexy Paranormal Romance!

Get your copy now!



I’ve lived on this mountain my whole life. For the most part, I’ve been alone and that’s just the way I like it. No annoyances, no people, no noise. That is until SHE moves into the abandoned house next door. I don’t know what her intentions are, but she insists on being friends. So, being the good neighbor I am. I am more than happy to roll out the UNwelcome mat for her. She needs to disappear and fast. All I want to do is continue my solitude and send the tiny woman on her way back to wherever she came from. 

Ugh, if it was only that easy 


Ari’s  🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

Another great read by Nicole Garcia. If there’s something I’ve come to love by her it’s that her stories are always filled with fun characters, a sweet romance, and plenty of steam. Bearly Even Friends did not disappoint.

I loved everything about this story. Garrison was adorable! A grumpy bear shifter completely bewildered by the hilarious human, Minnie. Minnie for her part was bananas! She’s funny and crazy and determined to break down Garrison’s walls. I freaking adored her. I loved watching their push and pull relationship and how Garrison slowly gave into the crazy little human next door. Also, extra points because I loved the bit about playing a certain Mariah Carey song on loop because that song rocks. Even in July! Haha.

Funny, adorable, and plenty steamy, Bearly Even Friends was like Christmas in July! If you’re a fan of fun, flirty, and funny PNR then this book is for you.

About the author:

N.Y. Times Bestselling author Nicole Garcia has a degree in Nursing but has been a stay at home mom for the past 10 years. Her passion is reading and decided to make a career out of sharing her love for books. Nicole started writing poetry when she was just a little girl and had always loved the feeling it gave her. She now writes full-time. Currently, she writes steamy Contemporary and Paranormal Romance but plans to write other genres in the future. Hope you will join her in all the fun ahead. 

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