New Release + Review: Playing For Keeps by Emilia Finn

The conclusion to Riley & Andi’s story is here!

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Life is all about choices, right? 

Everything we do, from brushing our teeth in the morning, until we climb into bed at night, is a series of choices. Sometimes we make bad choices, sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re made under duress, and sometimes they’re the lesser of two evils kind.

Sometimes there’s no choice at all, but you’re still forced to do something , because the world refuses to slow for you. 

And sometimes, the one perfect choice stands right in front of you in a cop’s uniform and he asks you to feel what he feels.

But if you’re proud like me, even when you know the right choice, the wrong words slide off your tongue and begin a chain reaction that can’t ever be undone. 

Playing For Keeps is the conclusion to a Checkmate duet featuring Andi Conner and Riley Cruz. 
The first part is titled Castling The Rook and should be read first.

FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt!

Oh look, another review where my mind is entirely blown and I can’t word because of Emilia Finn. I’m sure absolutely no one is surprised. The second half of Riley and Andi’s story is drastically different from the first. Picking up where things left off you are immediately thrust into the same state of mind that the previous book left you in, but don’t worry questions begin to get answered quickly. Where Castling the Rook was packed with more light hearted moments Playing for Keeps will punch you with a Roller Fighter hit right in the feels. Grab the tissues, nix the mascara, you’re going to ugly cry boo boo.

I’ll be keeping things vague AF because jear desus does shiitake go down with these two. And trust me when I say you don’t want ANYTHING spoiled. Don’t go looking. Sit back and feel the ride. Emotions run high for the vast majority of this book and let me tell you if you didn’t already LOVE Andi you will after reading this. Honest to Bob, she is hands down my favorite female character from Emilia ever. Her strength, loyalty, determination and ferocious love outshine absolutely everything.

That said, it wouldn’t be an Emilia Finn read if even during the darkest of times there were moments that still made you die of laughter too. I swear I went from cussing like a lunatic in anger to crying my eyes out to full on swooning then into laughing like crazy more times than I can count. Now I’m left screaming, yes SCREAMING for the next book.

About the author:

Emilia Finn is an Australian author based on the East Coast of NSW. She’s a mum to toddlers, wife to a stubborn man, and an all-around badass who forgets to slow down and enjoy the small things in life – except coffee. She enjoys the shit out of that.

She was an accountant back when she wanted to be corporate and was ‘supposed’ to stack up to expectations, but three years into that degree, she realized she’d rather wipe her ass with chilli covered cacti than look at numbers ever again.

To curb her need to roll around in a hessian sack full of angry wasps, she trained and competed on the weekends and became a national champion and a not-very-humble undefeated full-contact fighter.

No, seriously. She’s not humble about it. Ask her! She’ll show you her trophies.

Fortunately for her, right around the time she thought accounting might literally send her insane, she married her long-time boyfriend, honeymooned for six weeks in Scotland, and came home pregnant with a red-haired baby. (Ha! That’s actually true.)

Accounting was replaced with babies; diapers, boob milk, snot on every surface. She had a second baby (brown hair) two years after the first, and all the while, she trained and competed and tried to maintain that undefeated fighting streak.

When her little girl was seven months old, Emilia busted her knee during a training session, was told to sit down for a while to let it heal, and that’s when she dusted off her old laptop and started typing Bobby and Kit’s story.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Emilia’s knee never recovered enough for competition after that, though she still enjoys training. But her passion for fighting was replaced with a burning need to write.

In between writing, mom’ing, and wifing, she’s also her husband’s company accountant. (Ha! Joke’s on her.) But it’s not so bad, because whenever he gets annoying, she reminds him who is ACTUALLY the boss around here.

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