New Release + Review: Such Great Heights by Julia Wolf

Such Great Heights by Julia Wolf is available NOW!

Malka Fischer has a bad reputation.

Jasper Antonio is the nice guy of rock.

They’ve known each other for years, but neither has looked beyond the surface. To Jasper, Malka is his best friend’s on-again, off-again girlfriend. To Malka, Jasper is the squeaky clean bassist in her ex’s band.

One night fueled by grief and alcohol changes it all. They finally see each other for who they really are and a connection is uncovered between them that can’t be denied.

Even though it should be, since not denying it could destroy everything.

FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt!

I have to apologize to Julia Wolf right now. You see, I’ve been her dedicated stalker since the start of this series. I’ve proposed in reviews like a creep. I’m not apologizing for that by the way. I regret nothing. I’m apologizing because I now have to dump her for Jasper. Sorry. Not even Julia of the magic words tops him. Even if she did create him. Seriously though, Jasper has replaced all Book boyfriends ever. I have never, not once in my years of devouring books loved a character in the way I love him.

There are not enough words in any language to properly describe this man. They all seem so small in comparison to how beautiful a soul he truly is. Saying he’s the sweetest of men doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of how deeply he loves. Calling him swoony doesn’t even explain how heart meltingly romantic he is. The just are no words for this man. Even perfection doesn’t fit because he’s far from perfect, just like Malka, but his imperfections are what make him flawlessly beautiful.

When I say Malka is the other half of his soul I genuinely mean it. Long before they’re a couple the connection they have is on a soul deep level. I’ve never seen two people who understand each other on the level they do. Julia Wolf delivers an epic emotional work of pure beauty with their story.

Read Such Great Heights today!

Available on Kindle Unlimited

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