New Release + Triple Review: Bloodsucking Lawyer by Nadia Diament

Title: Bloodsucking Lawyer
Series:  Tucson Underworld #1
Author: Nadia Diament
Genre: Sexy Vampire PNR
Release Date: June 18, 2019


Emma left her career in corporate law to pursue her passion for criminal defense, but she can’t seem to catch a break. So when she lands an interview at a small law firm, she’s more than thrilled. But she has no idea what she’s in for.


Turns out it’s not just any law firm, and Henry—her new boss—isn’t exactly, well…human.
Apparently he drinks blood instead of coffee, and his client list consists of creatures that go bump in the night. But, the way Emma sees it, if she can get through law school, she can handle a few pothead werewolves and shoplifting witches. So she stays.
There’s just one thing she didn’t count on, and that’s catching feelings for her new vampire boss. Henry and his fangs become a temptation too hard to ignore, and no matter how hard she tries, she still falls for him.
Problem is, everyone knows office romances have the tendency to crash and burn. But when your boss is a bloodsucking lawyer, odds are it’s a disaster waiting to happen.



Julia’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

Bloodsucking Lawyer is an exceptional story of what could be happening in the shadows around us. There are no supernatural criminal defense attorneys in the area and Henry is slammed. He needs help yesterday. After a fortuitous meeting with Emma in court, he thinks he may have found the help he desperately needs. Emma is stressing over finding a job and agrees to meet the next day. Shenanigans, eye opening experiences, and some research blows Emma’s mind and sets her on a course she never believed to be real.

Henry comes across as a stick in the mud, but he has a passionate side. Not only is he passionate about learning, he’s passionate in the bedroom as well. He’s been in a slump for so long. Emma pulls him out of it quickly. I admire Emma’s determination to be freaked out and smart at the same time. She needs this job but she knows the risks of her being mortal. Emma’s affection for her clients and the state that the entire supernatural community is in shocked me a bit, but left me liking her that much more. She’s smart, sassy, and hilarious. Exactly what Henry needs.

Loved the writing and the characters. Each of the unique in their own ways. I enjoyed Bloodsucking Lawyer and hope we get more from this community and from Emma and Henry.


Misty’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

Such a sweet and cute twist on your average office romance! I really enjoy office romances, especially when they involve lawyers, but it’s even better when the office hottie is a vampire! Emma and Henry’s story is sweet with a dash of supernatural.

Emma is a mortal living a normal life with no clue about the supernatural world surrounding her. She’s looking to get into Criminal Law and finds herself at the right place and time when she runs into Henry. Henry is probably the most laid back, chill and boring vampire I’ve ever read. His hidden life, as well as his law practice quickly changes once Emma starts working for him. Secrets are uncovered, werewolves getting into trouble and an office romance possibly brewing.

I really liked Emma’s character as she’s slowly discovering what the world is really like. Oddly enough, she doesn’t get scared and run away! Her whole world is changed, but she manages to handle it with stride and even finds some romance! Whoever thought that the supernatural would need lawyer’s!


Heather’s 🎩🎩🎩.75 hat review:

A strong 3.75 stars. This is a sweet and adorable love story between two completely different people.
This book started out kinda slow for me, but it did pick up.
We meet a very over worked vampire lawyer Henry. He is scrambling around trying to figure out how to be at 2 places at once. He meets our beautiful intelligent Emma while he is feeling frazzled. Emma is a criminal lawyer who steps up to the task, and helps Henry out. Emma is in between positions and Henry is in need of her help. She helps Henry out by taking on all the cases he doesn’t really want. As their two worlds collide the story really picks up for me.
Their working relationship starts out rocky, and I may have giggled a little bit. As the story moves on so does their relationship. We get Henry sweet, tender, and very enduring. Emma is sassy, sensual, and sexy. They compliment each other very well.



Nadia Diament writes paranormal and contemporary romance with equal servings of heat and humor. No stranger to a U-Haul, she’s lived in Arizona, South Dakota, and Washington, DC. She currently lives with her husband in Chicago, where she tinkers with fountain pens and loiters in coffee shops. Bloodsucking Lawyer is her debut novel.




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