Review Tour: The Rabbit River Saga by Elyce de Reefe

Titles: Moonrise Over Rabbit River & Wolf’s Promise
Series: The Rabbit River Saga Books 1 & 2
Author: Elyce de Reefe
Genre: PNR, Romantic Suspense
The Rabbit River Saga – An all new Paranormal Wolf Shifter Romance with sizzling heat, swoon-worthy heroes and just a touch of magic. These are not your ordinary werewolves…
Take one reluctant Alpha desperate to find his sister
One wolf shifter who has sworn never to take a human mate
And one human female who accidentally discovers their secret
What do you get? A recipe for disaster as brand new Alpha Lucas tries to uphold the Law, keep his small pack safe, and find his missing sister before it’s too late. Will he be forced to kill this innocent human, too, now that she’s discovered their secret? Because as Alpha, it’s his job to uphold the Law, and unless someone claims her—she must die. But can he really expect Cray to step up and claim her after everything he’s been through? And what about this human? Can Elizabeth really settle in and accept her life in the pack after being forced to take a mate?
These are only some of the questions Alpha Lucas Ardennes must face as he guides his fledgling pack through the turbulent waters ahead.
For there is turmoil in the werewolf community…

Britt’s 🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

I’m pretty mixed up on feelings for this book. I stopped and started it more than once, before I finally found myself truly invested in the story. The author’s skill is apparent in her writing, but there was just SO MUCH going on simultaneously I’d find myself finally getting really into it, then it’d be on to something else, then back again. The beginning is what truly threw me off I think.
This book starts off with Mari and Lucas as the main focus. I was fully invested in those two when seven chapters in things abruptly change and the focus is switched to a new couple, Cray and Elizabeth. I think if this transition had been done a bit more smoothly it wouldn’t have pulled me out of the story so throughly. While there are obviously still glimpses and details about Mari and Lucas sprinkled throughout, things are definitely still very much up in the air.
I didn’t find myself connecting with Cray and Elizabeth quite the same way I did with the first couple. While both solid characters I think plenty of readers will enjoy i just didn’t feel that pull with them. The constant resistance from Elizabeth and Cray’s rather unpleasant but after learning more about him, understandable reaction to her in the beginning seemed to continue on nearly all the way to the very end. I was glad to see these two did have an epilogue that gave more time to finally see them as a couple.

Aaron Masters never let himself dream of a mate of his own. With the birthrate problem the People have been experiencing these past few generations, he’s always known it wasn’t likely. But that was before he first inhaled Lyla’s intoxicating scent. The only problem? She’s human. And forbidden. 
How can Aaron justify going against his Alpha to get what he wants? Pack comes first. Has always come first. That is, it should come first. He should be concentrating on his responsibilities as the Alpha’s Second – keeping the pack safe, and finding Aster, Lucas’s missing sister. But for some reason, he just can’t get Lyla out of his head.
Lyla James is getting things all set up. After a disaster of a marriage, and the troubling expectations of her family, being far away from everyone else is exactly where she wants to be. The only problem? It’s lonely. 
Enter Aaron, big and blond, with those all-American good looks she can never resist. But Lyla already knows she doesn’t do well with dominant, strong-willed men. So why, oh, why is she always so attracted to them? Plus, there’s just something dangerous about Aaron Masters – she can’t quite put her finger on it. No. Aaron Masters is not for her. 
But when danger strikes and she is forced to rely on his help, she can only hope her own dangerous secret will remain hidden. Because if Aaron were ever to discover the truth – she’s not sure what would happen. She only knows it would be bad.

Britt’s 🎩🎩🎩.5 hat review:

The promise of what this series will be is really starting to come out in this second book. I was a bit hesitant after the first, but I’m glad I decided to carry on with it. The flow in the author’s writing is definitely much improved and the transitions between couples in Wolf’s Promise went much more smoothly throughout this book. I found myself much more easily connecting with Aaron and Lyla and much more pulled into their story.
These two had, in my opinion, a deeper connection even from the beginning than the previous couple. While there was definitely some back and forth and bumps in the road Aaron and Lyla still had the kind of chemistry that kept pulling them together in a way that really hooks you. While things did flow much more smoothly in their story there were still some moments that just felt a bit, I guess disconnected is the best word, from everything else. But I’m still invested and have many questions I can’t wait to see answered in future books!

Elyce de Reefe grew up in Santa Cruz, California and New York City. She likes to call herself acoastal girl, since she has spent nearly all of her time on one coast or another. She enjoys all genres of romance as long as there’s a hot, sexy hero with something to learn, a smart female lead who refuses to compromise on who she truly is, and the promise of a happily ever after. Her characters often find themselves on a journey of discovery, struggling to achieve true intimacy while solving the real-life problems thrown in their way.
To date, Elyce has written paranormal wolf shifter romance, contemporary romance, and romantic suspense. But there’s a Sci-Fi series in there waiting to come out, and possibly an epic fantasy series, as well as thoughts on a time travel story. Her ancestors were highlanders, after all.
Elyce loves hiking in nature, riding horses, watching wildlife, swimming under a blue sky, digging in the dirt, and sitting in front of a fire with a good book. She enjoys these things even more in the company of friends and family. Add wine and chocolate, and voila! It’s a beautiful life.
Oh, yes – and she has a very special place in her heart for wolves…


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