New Release + Review: Revenge by Christine Besze

Title: Revenge
Series: Revenge #1
Author: Christine Besze
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: June 14, 2019
Cover Design: T.E. Black Designs
Six years they stole from me.
Six years I’ve done my time.
Six years I’ve waited.
Six years I’ve heard her screams over and over.
No more.
It’s time to collect.
And it’s their blood that will be spilled.
Asher Savage spent his life protecting the innocent, taking monsters off the streets. He never thought he’d become one.
Charlee Vega was a pawn in a game she never knew she was playing. An innocent caught up in a war of greed and hate.
Revenge has fed his monster for years, but it comes at a price. Is it one he’s still willing to have her pay?
She’s a means to an end. A complication he never saw coming. And sometimes those are the most deadly of all.
***This book is a stand alone and contains mature/graphic subject matter. For readers 18+***
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Heather’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

Revenge is a dish best served cold. This book is about getting revenge on all of those who took away everything Asher held near and dear to his heart.
Asher Savage deserves to get his revenge. He had everything he had ever wanted and one night it is cruelly ripped away from him. Asher has had six years to plot and plan just how his revenge is going to happen. Axel and Zane help their brother anyway that they can. This includes helping acquire the beautiful Charlee. Charlee is a college student, and her fsther is who Asher blames for losing everything. So he and his brothers set out to right his wrongs by using Charlee. Charlee is a strong willed young woman who refused to be used as a pawn in a game she shouldn’t even be a part of. As you can imagine living in small quarters anger is not the only emotion that flows through veins. Passion sparks fly between the two of them, and as you picture some feelings of shame and guilt follow. The two of them together is just what the doctor ordered. Charlee helps Asher realize that it is ok to find happiness again. Asher helped Charles realize that there is more to life, and helped her flourish.
As time goes on things are brought into the light, and certain things Asher believed true may not be so true after all. As truths come out and things come to a head Asher has some very important choices to make. Some of them are easy, and some are hard.
The secondary characters kept this book flowing for me. There were times this fell flat for me, but times where I couldn’t get enough of this book. I am really hoping the author continues with the Savage brothers, because I really need to have Axel’s story. Same is the quiet and mysterious one so you know there is an interesting story hiding behind him.

Tre Talbot – “This is a must read that I highly recommend you bump to the top of your TBR list. If you’re looking for a romantic suspense then this is THE book for you.”

LisaReadsAlot – “Christine Besze at her best! This book was all kinds of Holy S**t. A Must Read, readers.”

SCBookAddict – “Okay – just wow!!! This book is a phenomenal! I did not want to put it down.”

Christine Besze is a writer, reader, mother, wife, and lover of all things wine. She lives in her own world of crazy most days, because the voices inside her head hold some great conversation. When she does have to come back to reality and act like an actual grown-up, she spends her time with her handsome hubby Z, their two gorgeous gingers and their mini-herd of German Shepherds. Born in sunny Southern California, she recently made the big leap with her family to the East Coast and couldn’t be happier. You’ll still find her in flip-flops–with a full glass of wine–all year round.


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