Hatter Chat: The Last Post (About This)

I’ve already done this on social media, but a lot of people are still only seeing things here on our website so I’m adding this here with some expanding because I have more room to ramble.

If you need to know what this is about from the start

The update from the start

Yesterday’s update

This is the post that is on our social media. That’s where things are ending. I’m eternally grateful for so much support from so many sides of this community. But I didn’t get enough space to expand on some big points. First, a BIG thank you to Golden Czermak. Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they have awesome beards instead. I fully realize I could have screamed from the rooftops to try to get this to end and odd are no one would have heard. Hell, I WAS doing that. It took someone with a louder voice standing up for someone smaller and that was Golden. I’ve said it elsewhere, but I’ll say it here too, authors we NEED your voices. This is not a rare incident. This is daily for bloggers, reviewers and even sometimes readers. For every amazingly wonderful kind hearted human that is an author, there’s one who seems to not understand we are living breathing humans behind a review. There needs to be a change in this community. I get authors get troll reviews that are completely uncalled for, but I’m not talking about those. I’m talking about honest, critical feedback that is delivered with no ill will.

Remember, you never know the struggles a person is facing in their life. Someone struggling being attacked like this could cause irreparable damage and there is NOTHING, no book, no review, no rating that is worth that.

I’ve gotten so many messages and seen so many posts from other bloggers and reviewers sharing similar and even at times more extreme cases of attacks like this from authors it is heartbreaking. Authors, speak to your peers. Be a voice that delivers reason for us. Next, the publisher. Limitless did what many publishers would not. They put their foot down. They used their voice to drive home how unacceptable this is. I’ve seen the support and applause they’ve received for this and they deserve it. But I’ve also seen some doubt about other Limitless authors. Don’t do that. Some of the most talented and kind authors I know are also limitless authors. Look them up. Check them out. Give them love. Pick up a book from one of them and support them as much as they support us.

Check out the Limitless authors here!

Finally my fellow bloggers, readers & reviewers. Seriously from the second I reached out for help before this even started my fellow bloggers were a huge support system. With honest advice, plenty of opinions and lots of hugs they have continued to be so. I’m so freaking proud to be part of them and I hope some day I’m as wonderful a person as so many of them are. These ladies rallied around me through everything and if that doesn’t show you how tight knit of a community bloggers are I don’t know what will. So go show a blogger some love. Discover a blog you haven’t met yet, make some new friends, give them the support they freely give day in and out to so many in this community.

And before we close the door on this I really want to repeat, if this author decides to come back. If she decides to try to start over. Leave her be. I really do hope she is surrounded by friends and family that love her and support her. I really do hope that whatever she is struggling with that caused her to behave this way she finds peace with. If she needs help I hope that she’s provided with it. I hope she learns and grows and let’s go of the bitterness that it requires to lash out in the manner she did. Because the amount of pain a person must be in to act this way has to be immeasurable. I truly believe people at their core are good and someone acting this way has much more pain in their lives than I do.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled ramblings.


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