Please. Just. Stop.

This isn’t tea. This isn’t drama. This is me, as a human, as a woman, as a scared mother making a plea for this to stop. Beyond the confrontation on the 10th I have not spoken to nor tried to speak to this author. I said my piece and I left her alone. Jokes were made about killing me, lies were told about me all over a critical book review. Things calmed down, I’d moved on. Then this morning I started getting messages with a link to her website. And that’s where I found a poem written about myself and my blog partner Julia. Those of you that know us know our tag line of two crazy redheads and our audiobook addicted friend. This poem is titled Two Angry Redheads. It’s a poem about our fat dead rotting bodies awaiting judgement. It’s fucking terrifying. It’s not funny. It’s not an “expression of feelings”. I can’t see it as any more than her complete and utter desire for our death.

She has changed her website address, but it still shows the original address on the landing page. Look for yourself beyond that. I don’t care. I’m too busy considering if I need an attorney and how I can file police reports to try to have some bubble of protection. I’ve seriously considering giving up everything I’ve spent years working my ass of for with our blog. I just want this to stop.

Links to everything from the start:

First day, what started this

Second day, update & clarifications of the first day👉🤣-yall-work-with-me-here-while-i-clarify-in-a-way-that-wont-be-perceived-as-arguing/

Final update


  1. Wow. That is so scary and messed up. I think it is smart of you to report this. We can’t take these things lightly. This is so wrong on so many levels… I do not even know what you say! I support you and I am willing to fight beside you need be.


  2. On behalf of all authors, I apologize for her behavior. There was absolutely nothing wrong with your review. It was informed and pointed out all of your qualms. Please do not give in to wanting to walk away. If reading and reviewing is what you love, then please don’t give up on it becasue of her and her stans. You’re exceptional and your passion is needed in this world. If you need out help, we are here. Those of us who can see the forest for the trees know what you and your sisters in reading bring to the table. I’m sorry ❤

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  3. I am so sorry this has happened. As a fellow blogger this is not okay. I hope you do take police action this author needs to be punished along with anyone who agrees with her. Love you beautiful bloggers.

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  4. I’m so sorry your going through this, we all work so hard on our blogs and I would never expect someone to act that way towards me it’s down right scary! I’m so glad your reporting it and bringing it to the attention of other bloggers as well! We all got your back!

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  5. What a hot mess!! As a fellow blogger, I cringe at this. We leave honest reviews….they are not for the author, they are for the reader! This worries me as I too have left not so favorable, but honest reviews….

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  6. This is why I like NetGalley and Edelweiss for eARCs, the authors have no clue who you are. I have my blog name on my Amazon and B&N reviews, and on Goodreads. The only problem is that I sometimes post about my city on my blog. I’ll have to remedy that. This is very scary and I’m sorry you had to cross paths with this author.


  7. Well damn dude. Indie romance is a hella scary place…whew glad I don’t read that. But seriously this isn’t right. Kudos to you for standing up to her!

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  8. OMG this is just so scary! I don’t know if you should have an attorney. Maybe wait to see if it still goes on but Ithink I would never review her books as I am like you: honest yet respectful. We write for readers not for authors even if they (nearly all the time) benefit from our reviews. Hang on tight there!

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  9. This is the first I’m hearing of your experiences but I just want to say I’m SO sorry that you were made to feel this way. Bloggers shouldn’t have to be made to feel unsafe by doing what is asked of us: reviewing books. I’m a bit late on this post and the entire series of events, but I’m sending you all positive vibes.

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