Hatter Chat:Seriously though, I legit don’t use twitter. 🤣 y’all work with me here while I clarify in a way that won’t be perceived as arguing.

For those of you who don’t know what the hell this is even about.

So there’s some confusion on how I knew it was my review, how I knew it wasn’t the other review that showed up on amazon and goodreads yesterday and why she mentioned it was the first goodreads review on her book but also mentioned book sprout. Let me clear that up. Dates. Also I don’t think she understood that bloggers received their ARCs direct to kindle from her tour that or she felt by saying it was a “nameless faceless” reader from booksprout it would discredit the review. Which BTW is a whole other thing that is insanely fucked up in all this. Her description of reviewers and bloggers.

Annnnnnyway, so dates are circled in red, yes names are here. She left all my responses to her up but deleted hers and twitter has entirely outted her on that.

The review in question is the one below mine, which appeared on goodreads and I believe amazon AFTER I had confronted her.

The blog post and social media posts linking to it was made on the 5th, a few hours after my review. I just didn’t know about it until yesterday.

The comment on said blog post confirming this was about the first review left for her book on goodreads. Again, because someone thought I was arguing when trying to explain this, the booksprout review did not exist until the 10th. She is using that as a descriptor to basically belittle reviewers from there and discredit their opinions.

This was the day I posted my review. It was the only review on goodreads for her book. Dates, showing their were no other reviews or even ratings circled in Red. I actually screenshot this because I was concerned about being the first review and asked my blog partner (Julia) if I should remove it and wait because I felt bad her first review was so critical.

And to also eliminate her “nameless and faceless” claim, if I had no name or face how’d she know I was a woman. (Side note, homeboy is creepy AF, just sayin’)

I hope this clears things up for people who were confused on it. Imma go hide from twitter now.


    1. There’s another that was posted last night that is very, very similarly worded to mine too. I’m going with they had the same reaction as I did on it unless I’m informed otherwise. But I will say the Jeeves review appeared almost immediately after she was confronted on Facebook…

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