Hatter Chat: Critical or Bashing? What’d Britt do now?

Let’s Chat!


Something that happens to everyone. You see a cover and say “oooooooh pretttttty” you read the blurb and go “YAAAAAAS!”. Then you pick it up and things go all wrong. It’s not what you expected, and that sucks. As a blogger who’s job it is to review said book it big sucks. Nobody likes giving bad news and I wish that every book was the love of my life but sadly that’s not the case. As much as it sucks I owe it to every reader that follows us to give the honest truth every time. I go out of my way to be sure that my critical reviews remain just that, critical. Even going so far as to ask opinions of more experienced bloggers and rewriting reviews multiple times. Now why this post, well because today I had my first encounter with an author who not only did not like my criticism, but also used her platform to lie to her followers on all her social media and website about me. Calling me unprofessional, joking about killing me, lying about the contents of my review, even lying directly to me and Julia when confronted with this. As hot as this tea sounds, it’ll be rather mild. Names, book titles, character names etc. have all been covered because I’m not about to be that douchebag, but I am going to break down what happened and explain WHY authors have got to stop doing this. So, that said, let’s chat.

The Review

This review was a bitch to write. I wrote and rewrote it. I went to more experienced bloggers for advice to be sure I wasn’t bashing it. I doubted myself and rewrote it again. I actually even edited it last night because I noticed typos I missed from just being done with trying to make it safe enough. Was I critical? Oh yes. Did I bash this author or her book? No. Simple enough right? Wrong. As I was prepping to schedule this to go on our website I did what I usually do, check out the authors social media to be sure I’ve got all the correct links. That’s when I discovered a blog post she made about my review.

The post

Of course a post like this would garner sympathy. And if I’m being honest had she been truthful about my review I would have never confronted her. But obviously my review is vastly different than the evil trolling way she portrays it. Not once did I say I felt there was too much going on. Nor did I say her characters didn’t behave in a way I would. I never said anything even alluding to those statements. So we were (rightfully imo) pretty unhappy about this. Threads and threads of comments saying I’m a faceless reader who just likes books for free. Or I’m unprofessional. Jokes about killing me for her. Julia ever my protector confronted her. And that’s when the lies really get going.

The confrontation

Pay close attention to the second sentence in the last image. My review was the first left on goodreads. Maybe she misunderstood where I received my copy from? Doubtful. I honestly think she expected to never be confronted and was trying to save face.

Showing my review was the first goodreads review, posted three hours before her blog post.

What is too Far?

Yes, yes, jokes. Haha. It’s so funny to joke about killing a person for critically reviewing your book. All the authors do that. (Sarcasm)

Also, lying about a nameless faceless reader. Feel free to check my goodreads, it’s actually linked here on the site. My name clearly says who I am and my blog name with my sassy little face right beside it. Not only did she lie, but she entirely misled her followers into thinking I’m a troll. Surprise! I’m not.

The final confrontation

For an ending as unsatisfying as the ending of her book, she just continues to lie even when given the screenshots showing her admitting it was my review. And funnily enough denies joking about killing me on the very same thread where that was.

Final thoughts

Authors, LEARN FROM THIS. I’d like to say this is a fluke, but it’s not. Bloggers review less and less because we are stuck between be honest and potentially be attacked or silence. Readers aren’t dumb, they know this, so they trust reviews less and less. Not only do you hurt us, you hurt YOURSELVES. I know there are thousands of amazing authors out there who would never do this. And I love each and every one of them. But despite that, this is becoming the norm in the indie romance book community.


  1. Good for you. It’s never ok to say things like what she said about a review. A review is subjective. You said it didn’t work for you. There’s a LOT in this that I have issues with, all of them on the side of the author. But, this is also a pet peeve of mine…if an author is unhappy, they go to their groups. That’s fine. But what isn’t fine is to forget it’s an author FAN group. The responses are going to be slanted that way. Forgetting that and using the responses as justification for being awful…that’s not good.

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  2. I’m very glad you called this entitled chump out. Glad to have another author to add to my ‘authors behaving badly’ shelf on Goodreads of authors who will NEVER see a single cent of my money – OR get a single second of my time as an UNPAID PROMOTER. Because that’s what book reviewers are. We are GIVING AUTHORS UNPAID PROMOTION. We’re not ‘in it for the free books’. We’re in it FOR THE LOVE OF BOOKS, which is something VERY different.

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  3. I’m too much of a small fry to have experienced this yet, though I’ve had trolls tear into my Goodreads reviews because I’m not sycophantically licking the author’s behind but that is fairly easy to ignore. So sad this happened to you, please don’t let it stop you being ‘you’!

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  4. It’s despicable behaviour by an author, and unfortunately becoming the norm, lately. Readers are afraid to leave a review because of this type of entitled b.s. There has been so much nastiness, calling out, shaming and even doxxing of book reviewers and readers.
    I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to leave reviews. It’s just not worth it.

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    1. It really is pushing anyone who reviews into a corner that’s going to result in no one reviewing. And I know there are plenty of authors who would never do that, but unless their peers get under control it’s going to hit them also. We don’t know anymore of an author is going to attack if we give anything less than a glowing review.

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  5. You’re not alone. I made a video on this very subject after seeing what’s been going on in Twitter and on Goodreads. It’s almost like these new authors don’t WANT readers. They just want their grandmama to tell them they did a good job and that means the money will flow in.

    Doesn’t work that way, neither does (tee hee I’m so cute) death threats or arguing with readers when they have receipts. Needless to say, this is one author going on my “HELL NO” bookshelf. Thanks for an interesting read. I’ll have to check out more of your blog.

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  6. This is horrible! I blog and am an author and this is not acceptable. Not every book is for everyone. I get bad reviews, and that is their opinion. I’m ok with that. I take what they say and try to learn and grow. I stand with you.

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  7. I know you don’t me, but I just want to let you that as someone who has been through this sort of thing many times before, you have my arm and support. Authors need to understand that reviews are never for them, and behaviour like this goes way past being unacceptable.

    If you ever need to talk give me a shout

    Stay strong and keep doing what you are doing

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  8. Urg! So very sorry this has happened to you. For starters, wailing and weeping like that is a really silly reaction. And I speak as a book blogger AND indie author – if you put your books ‘out there’ you need to be prepared to find a number of folks who are underwhelmed at your book, who don’t ‘get’ what you were trying to do because everyone is different and no matter how good you are – they won’t like the character/situation/pacing/whole situation. And that is FINE. If you can’t cope, with the inevitable criticism, then don’t publish.


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