New Release + Review + Giveaway: Magic Love by JW Coast


Title: Magic Love
Series: Blood Temple #1
Author: JW Coast

Publisher: Capitol Reef Entertainment

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Release Date: May 16, 2019

He’s a skilled warlock. She’s a fiery necromancer.
Will their magic and chemistry be enough to stop a ruthless killer?
Warlock Mason
Blood works his magic for a price. And hunting down a missing suspect connected
to bomb-happy terrorists is right up his supernatural alley. But with a
stunning necromancer as both protectee and love interest, keeping his mind on
the job is next to impossible…
Lexy Payne knows
her father isn’t a murderer. But when he’s implicated in a horrible crime and
goes missing, she senses something mystical at work. To clear her family’s
name, the spirited redhead must trust a risky warlock who sparks much more than
her passion…
As Mason and Lexy
unearth sizzling chemistry and surprising family secrets, they crash headlong
into a magical battle destined to turn deadly.
Can the warlock
and the necromancer start something legendary while they stop a savage
Magic Love is a fast-paced paranormal romance. If you like
sizzling attraction, supernatural suspense, and a race to save lives, then
you’ll love J.W. Coast’s thrilling tale.
Buy Magic Love to cast a passionate spell



Julia’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

A powerful evil is coming. Necromancers are going missing, Lexy must find out where and how so she can save her dad. Only one family can help, the Blood family. Mason and his brothers always thought Lexy’s dad killed theirs. They’ve buried that rage. Secrets come to light and now a race to stop this evil has begun.

Lexy is kickass. Necromancer. Badass. Red head. Honestly, what more could you want? She refuses to become what others before her have become. She’ll fight to the death to stop this evil and save her people. Mason is a warlock with some secrets and pain in his life. He’s also honorable and when given lies disguised as truths, he digs deeper. I loved them both, they both fought for each other until the bitter end.

Action, romance, magic, good vs evil, all the trappings of an awesome start to a new PNR series!

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Author Bio


I like to travel and
read paranormal, sci-fi and other romance novels. I spend a great deal of time
with my wife and three sons. I like work working and generally keeping busy in
garage as much as possible. Weather permitting.
I also love to visit
the national parks in the western United States and have been known to look up
at the milky way and let the imagination run wild about the paranormal goings
If you would like to
reach me please do so:
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