New Release + Review: Till the Sun Dies by Emilia Finn

Till the Sun Dies by Emilia Finn is LIVE!

Read Till the Sun Dies today!

*Available on Kindle Unlimited

Every sunrise demands a sunset

When the most important person in your world is hurt, a man learns who he is right down at the core.

Will he protect her?

Can he do what needs to be done to make it better?

Is he willing to take it as far as it needs to go, or is he a p*ssy that talks a big game but has no guts?

And if he chooses the second, then did he truly love her at all?


The answer is no, because a man that loves with his whole heart won’t be stopped. There is no line. There’s no ‘too far’.

There’s just her.

And her pain is his responsibility to fix, even if she’ll never know it was he who stepped in.

Till The Sun Dies is book 2 in the Checkmate Series and includes dark topics. Reader discretion is advised

FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt!

This book was totally not what I expected, even for the queen of “blow you away” reads, Till The Sun Dies is one of Emilia Finn’s most emotionally powerful books. Laine and Ang’s story is almost painfully raw. Emilia Finn captures the devastating emotions that they experience so perfectly with her writing you are guaranteed to go through an entire box of tissues at the start. Especially if you’re like me and have been reading her books since the Rollers.

I am so attached to every last one of these characters and that combined with Emilia Finn’s ability to move your soul with her words is the perfect storm of hitting you in the feels. Don’t let my ugly cry warning make you think you’re not going to get the fun, swoon, and heat we all love though because this is Ang and Laine we’re talking about here. For every tissue I tossed while cursing Emilia for making me cry I also cracked up at something or fanned myself or fell in love with this giant group of lovable lunatics all over again.

Ang is by far one of the sweetest and most patient heroes ever. Gentle when Laine needed it, a hero when Laine needed one, a friend and ultimately the man who loves her the way she deserves to be loved. He was freaking everything. His quiet love was more powerful than the loudest explosion in the world.

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