New Release + Review: Until Mayhem by Layla Frost

Until Mayhem by Layla Frost




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She was my princess.
I was her psycho.
Two worlds colliding with a BOOM.

There was a sh*tstorm brewing. Whispers. Rumbles. A rot—fueled by greed and protected by corruption—that’d seeped like sewage, eating away at everything it touched. The only people I trusted were my brother by blood, my brothers by patch, and the crazy Irish-Scottish bastard I did jobs for.

That was why, when the hot-as-hell blonde started trailing my brothers and me, I had to act.

Maybe Ophelia Kline was working with the enemy—playing me with lies from that damn mouth. Or maybe she was innocent—caught in the spread of toxic rot.

Either way, she was mine. And when push came to glock-in-the-face, I wouldn’t let her go.

Because all good relationships start with a BOOM and a little kidnapping… right?







Heather’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

Holy hotness(insert a drool emoji here).! Damn this author definitely knows how to write one hell of a book! We get a little bit of everything in this one from a little mystery to the HEA the hero and heroine get.

Ophelia is it heroine who gets involved with Judge or hero in an unorthodox kinda way. She is a strong woman who happens to stumble across a hot guy at the wrong or right time depends on how you look at the situation….. Judge is an ALPHA of a man that as soon as he sees her a switch flips to where he knows she will be his. Their relationship may start out unconventional, but no one is going to stand in his way of getting what he wants. Now Ophelia doesn’t make it to easy for him, but she does make him work a little for it. I’m telling you if you want a knock your socks off melt your kindle kinda story, then this would be just the perfect addition for you to add to your collection.


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