New Release + Double Review: Until the Tequila by Brynne Asher

Until the Tequila by Brynne Asher


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Until the Tequila 

Tequila: a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant and, in Mary’s case, a truth serum.

It took one night.
No, it took one dinner, a bevy of cocktails, and a woman who’s been skirting me for months. Then, everything changed. Because the tequila did what it does best, Mary’s words flowed faster than the magic liquid she was shooting with salt and lime.
Mary had demons—ones she thought were buried. She thought wrong.
She can’t hide from her past or from me. Not anymore.
I’m Evan Hargrove and I’ll turn the world red before I let anything happen to her.

This is a Killers Series Crossover Novella written for the Happily Ever Alpha World of NYT Bestselling Author, Aurora Rose Reynolds.  

Five 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 from Ari

Okay, wow! What did I just read? I love novellas because they’re quick, fun, but ultimately I’m left feeling like it wasn’t quite enough. Brynne Asher has absolutely changed my mind with Until the Tequila. The story felt like a whole novel wrapped up in a novella. I don’t know how she did it, but I like it a lot.

Mary’s has a rough start in life. She’s got a wild streak, but a great heart and so much strength. She’s been through things that are awful and it’s given her a ‘glass half empty and probably full of crap’ kind of point of view. Until Evan Charles comes into the picture and tries to turn that around. Evan himself didn’t have a perfect life, but has made the best of his situation and now wants to do the same with Mary. Gah, I loved Evan so much! The way he relentlessly pursues Mary and dodges her rejection made me melt into a puddle of swoony goo! These two had chemistry for days and enough steam to put a geyser to shame! *fans self* I loved their story and although I did want more it was because what I had read was so good and I didn’t want it to end, not because it lacked anything. 5 Stars.

Five 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 from Heather

Ok where to begin yes this is a novella and yes it was a FABULOUS novella. Brynne Asher really knows how to write a story that sucks you in, and keeps you captivated until the very end. Even though this is a novella it sure does not feel like it with everything that takes place.

Mary has had a rough start to life and refuses to let anyone in. She has built walls around herself, but that does not stop Evan from tearing them down 1 brick at a time. He is relentless when it comes to her, and he proves to her just what life could be like. Her past does make an appearance, but with Evan and all of her friends they show her they are there for her through thick and thin.

Warning: This book contains naughty words and sexy bits. If you aren’t eighteen, step away from the purchase button, turn around, and walk away. We’ll pretend this never happened and I won’t tell your parents.

About the Author

Brynne Asher lives in the Midwest with her husband, three children, and her perfect dog. When she isn’t creating pretend people and relationships in her head, she is running her kids around and doing laundry. She enjoys cooking, decorating, shopping at outlet malls as well as online and is always seeking the best deal. A perfect day in “Brynne World” ends in front of an outdoor fire with family, friends, s’mores, and a delicious cocktail.

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