New Release + Review: Watch Me Unravel by Julia Wolf

Title: Watch Me Unravel
Series: Blue is the Color #2
Author: Julia Wolf
Genre: Standalone Rock Star RomanceRelease Date: April 11, 2019
David Wiesel lives for making music, partying,
and women. He has a wicked sense of humor and a body made for sinning. He’s the
kind of guy every mama warns her daughter about.

Sylvia Price lives for her daughter, theater,
and teaching. She’s living the responsible life and left her wild ways in the
past. She’s the kind of woman every mama wants her son to marry. Not that she’s
looking for that.
One drunken night when they were teenagers
inextricably bound them for life. Fifteen years later, an accident brings them
back together and there is no denying the heat that scorched them when they
were young is still there, sparking between them.
While David is more than willing to stoke
those flames, Sylvia is afraid this time, the fire will burn her right to the

FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt!

Now that I’ve awkwardly proposed to Julia Wolf after reading the previous book in this series I feel like I should offer to have her babies and really make this weird. Just kidding. Sort of. Once you read Watch Me Unravel you’ll fully understand why I am so obsessed with her writing. Where the last book was filled with hilarity David and Sylvia’s story is full of intense love and growth that kept me constantly happy sighing, tearing up and frankly falling completely in love with David.

It’s not often you see a character grow the way David does in this. When a terrifying accident causes him to pause his life of constant movement it’s like he’s finally seeing the reality of the lives of the people he’s loved from a distance for so long. Where David was a rolling stone, Sylvia was an anchor. A pillar of strength with a heart so full of love you can’t help but feel how warm she is. These two seem like two polar opposites held together only by the daughter they love so much, but that’s so far from the truth. They have one of the biggest most beautiful loves I have ever read.

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Author Bio
Julia Wolf is a lover of all things romance. From steamy, to
sweet, to funny, to so dirty you’ll be blushing for days, she loves it all.
Formerly a hair stylist, she spent years collecting stories
her clients couldn’t wait to spill. And now that she’s writing full time, she’s
putting those stories to use, although all identifying characteristics have
been changed to protect the not-so-innocent!
Julia lives in Maryland with her three crazy, beautiful kids
and her patient husband who she’s slowly converting to a romance reader, one
book at a time.

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