New Release + Review + Excerpt: Dawn To Dark Anthology



Title: Dawn to Dark Anthology

Authors: Various

Publisher: Vixen Publishing


Genre: Fairytale Retellings
Release Date: March 30, 2019
Publishing Presents: “Dawn to Dark”
I’m sure you’ve heard the tales, we all have, but you’ve
never heard them quite like this…
Seven authors bring your seven nail-biting stories. From a dark and twisted
Rapunzel to a modern retelling of Cinderella, these authors will have you
enthralled and howling for more.

Halston James retells Beauty and the Beast with a twist. “Out of the Woods” has
a touch of urban fantasy and a healthy dose of paranormal romance that’ll have
you turning the pages, ravenous for more.
Sonya Jesus will capture you with her dark contemporary retelling of the Little
Mermaid in “Part of His World.” Follow Ari as she defies her father’s
strict rules to be part of Derrick’s life.
Suzan Lee has re-written a Grimm brothers classic, Snow White and Rose Red in
her young adult, contemporary “Witching Woods.” With magic and
malevolence strolling hand in hand, you’ll be left guessing right until the
Kelsie Rae is best known for her sweet contemporary romances, and her version
of Aladdin is no different. “The Hack”is a modern twist on a Disney favorite.
One girl who prays for freedom. One man who craves a different life. One hacker
with the power to change their stars. Three wishes. No turning back.
Take a step on the seductive side with Angharad Thompson Ree’s gothic horror
retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. A paranormal romance meets psychological
thriller, “Moon Bitten” is a story that promises to keep you on the edge
of your seat.
K.Z. Riley has written “Arabella”, a beautiful young adult love story
where you’re more likely to find soccer boots than glass slippers. Follow
Arabella on her journey of finding herself, discovering love and overcoming
If you think you know the story of Rapunzel, think again. Courtney Shockey’s
twisted tale is about a queen who looks far more innocent than she actually is.
Bring her silk or priceless gifts, and she’ll seal your fate with a sweet,
gentle kiss.



Julia’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

Dawn to Dark is jam packed with every kind of new twist on classic fairytales you can imagine. Everything from the super sexy to the sugary sweet is found in this fantastic group of author’s who have come together for this anthology! I loved the walk down memory lane these stories told. I loved going back to my childhood and seeing these stories through different eyes.

Arabella is a sweet Cinderella. Shes lived a hard life and when she finally runs away and meets the man of her dreams, things become a little harder. Royce and Arabella are sweet together, and this story was adorable.

I’ve never read a modern day Alladin and I was pleasantly surprised by it. It has all the trappings of Alladin but set in modern day. Everything you love about this favorite has been brought to life in a whole new world (pun intended) to make you fall in love with these characters the same way I did as a child.

Witching Woods was completely different from what I expected. I loved Rose and Lily’s story and I loved the myths interwoven in it. This is one I hope can have another story attached to it as I was completely captivated with it.

Out Of The Woods is a sweet Beauty and The Beast retelling and I loved it! I loved how brave Isabella was and how sweet Caleb is. I also love the twist of the retelling!

Part Of Your World was an interesting take on The Little Mermaid. I adored this story!

Woman In The Ivy Tower was exactly what I was looking for! Dark and twisted with the fairytale lore running through it. I LOVED this take on Rapunzel! As much as I loved the other stories, this one by far is my favorite!

Moon Bitten is an awesome take on one of my favorite fairytales. I loved this author’s take on the fairytale! I was left in shock and she had me completely guessing throughout the story.


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99c for a VERY limited time!!


Free in Kindle Unlimited
Bitten” by Angharad Thompson Rees
I pull the
hood of my red cape over my head, concealing myself against the gust of frigid
winds biting with ice and spite. The skies hold the promise of more snow to
come. He does not let go of my hand. And it’s not the snow concerning him.
I say—his name as sweet as honey on my recently-kissed lips. “Do not concern
yourself. It is but a short walk through the woods, and yes, I promise to stay
on the tracks.”
I raise an
eyebrow, threatening him to contradict me. But he should know my penchant for
wandering and losing myself. That’s how we met—deep within the woods in the
first days of spring, when frost thawed atop the lake and his green eyes melted
ice from my nervous heart.
He pulls me
into his chest, his body warm against my own, tempting me to stay. Tempting me
to never leave. I melt into him, lips hot as the first flakes of snow dance
from the sky.
no,” I say, pulling myself away with reluctance. The space between his heart
and mine gapes as if the very universe could fill the hole. “I have to get back
to Grandma, you know I do.”
His face
drops at her mention. Grandma despises him despite his soft features, warm
honey eyes and sweet, crooked smile. Though I suspect her hatred is aimed more
at the threat he will steal me from her. Just as her daughter, my mother, was
stolen so many years ago I can no longer picture her face. But that was different.
Mother did not fall in love as I have. She was taken…
By wolves.
A perfectly
timed howl echoes across the valley, carried along the land muted by snow.
Blaxton raises his own eyebrow at the beast’s call and I laugh. An empty
tin-like sound of hollow mirth and creeping fear.
“I’ll be
fine. Tomorrow,” I say, allowing a smile to creep across my frost-numb face.
“Let’s meet tomorrow, same time and place.”
Blaxton captures
loose strands of my red hair in his pale fingers. The contrast startling like
blood on snow. Tucking the strands behind my left ear, his fingers trail my
cheek as he kisses my forehead. “Tomorrow,” he promises.
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