Audiobook Review: Valley Fire by Tessa Bowen

Valley Fire by Tessa Bowen
Narration: Logan McAllister
Five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars from Ari
Length: 13 hrs, 6 mins


Napa Valley land heiress, Lola Langthorne, finally meets her match (and then some) when French billionaire Alexander de Sauveterre moves in next door.

The high-rolling businessman and international playboy needs one last piece of land to complete his California wine estate—a “bit” of the legendary Langthorne vineyard adjacent to his new acquisition. Lola Langthorne’s “bit” to be exact, and he’ll stop at nothing to possess this little slice of viticultural heaven.

The Langthorne family saga continues with Tobias and Lina’s wild and rebellious daughter. Strong-willed and stunning as her father, with a colorful vocabulary to match, the grapegrowing “Cabernet Queen” fights the dashing jetsetter tooth and nail to protect her cherished birthright. She’ll make this carpetbagger in crisp linen pay dearly for admiring her “bit” of land instead of her female “bits”. She’s Lola Langthorne after all, an outrageous beauty in her own right, if a little rough and dusty around the edges. The foul-mouthed spitfire sets out to best her silver-tongued adversary, but is undeniably attracted to the elusive Alex, a charismatic and compelling figure who is much more than he seems.

Now the ornery lady farmer and confirmed bachelorette finds herself falling for the very same man who plans to take everything from her…

I love a good enemies to lovers romance and Valley Fever was really fun! One of my favorite things about the trope is the inevitable clash between the two MCs and the sparks that fly between them. Lola and Alex. They’re two people with strong personalities and stronger sense of entitlement. They bump heads at every turn and yet their chemistry is undeniable. It was fun watching them grow individually and together. I will say that although I don’t mind cursing in the slightest I found it a bit excessive when it came to Lola. It felt as if every other word of her mouth was a curse word. It was a bit of overkill, but didn’t really turn me off enough to quit listening. All in all a good listen.

Narration by Logan McAllister was great! His voice is smooth and did wonderful work of portraying both the male and female characters. Also, the his voice is just plain yummy. Made for an added bonus to listening. 4 Stars.


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