New Release + Review: Worship by Trilina Pucci



Book Two, in A Sinful Series, brings you an intense, taboo love story, and an even hotter ALPHA. Meet Luca King— broody, powerful and a man who’s never refused.

There are only two reasons a man falls to his knees: prayer and pussy.

And I sure as hell don’t pray.

But for this woman, I’d fall on my knees to worship every single, gorgeous part of her body.

And claim her as mine, knowing I shouldn’t want to keep her.

Because we’re all wrong, too complicated, too explosive….too sinful. I want what I can’t have.

But I’ll take it anyway because Gretchen Andrews has done the one thing my wife never could….she’s made me love her.





Heather’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

Uh I so wish I could give more than just 5 stars!!! I absolutely loved this book and have found my next one-click author.

This book has it all a broody alphahole who is a hot single dad with the ability to hold a grudge like no one else. A beautiful brazen hero who refuses to play second place. This is Gretchen and Luca’s story. Love is not always black and white as there are many shades of grey. We learn this as we follow Luca and Gretchen on their journey to find the happiness they both deserve.

This is a love story, but it is not as easy as one would hope. There are a lot of outside factors that come into play. As much as you wish that it would fall right into place it takes A LOT of work for those involved to see just what can be lost if we don’t fight for what it is we actually want.

Luca Knight is a force to be reckoned with when backed into a corner. In Truth we get the idea that he is the quiet one that takes all things in stride. Um let’s just say that is so not the case. He will do just about anything for those he holds close to his heart. Especially his girls, no one gets away with messing with them. Gretchen is just as sassy in this book as she was in the last. She is stronger than she gives herself credit for. I get that this review may seem kinda vague, but I refuse to spoil just what a great book this is.

The secondary characters are well written and am so looking forward to ALL of their stories as well.








It all started when…

Trilina decided, 3 years ago, that between making grilled cheese sandwiches and running carpool she was going to write saucy novels for readers to titillate and excite them. She hasn’t slowed down since!

Trilina has always had a love of writing, as a child she would journal and typically change the ending of whatever she was writing to suit her daydream. A knack for storytelling has translated into her debut, as an author, being met with rave reviews.

She lives in California where she multitasks the roles of wifey, mama and author. She hopes you enjoy her words and keep coming back for more!

Read Sexy, Stay Sexy!

xoxo, Trilina

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