Blog Tour + Review: Match Me Perfect

Title: Match Me Perfect
Author: Jessica Ames
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date:

Putting love on the line…
Sadie thought her love life was DOA after she was left high and dry at the altar. Devastated and humiliated she tries to rebuild what’s left of her shattered pride. She never expected to fall for anyone again, but there is something about Callum she can’t shake. There’s only one problem: she’s never met him.

Online dating is not something Callum ever thought he would try, but living on an island with a population of a hundred and two means options are limited. He never expected to find love again after the death of his wife, but Sadie isn’t like any other woman he’s come across. She’s funny, driven and he’s drawn to her in a way he can’t explain, but can science really find your perfect match?
🎩🎩🎩🎩 from Britt

I was not prepared for just how sweet this was! I truly loved it. Callum and Sadie were so cute together right from they’re first messages. I loved the uniques start to the relationship they had with being matched in a dating app. What’s becoming the norm in the real world hasn’t really become the norm in books yet so it was fun to see these two connect in a way so many people do in real life now. 
Poor Sadie went through a relationship nightmare before her friend signed her up for a dating app. Dumped on her wedding day minutes before she was supposed to walk down the isle she wasn’t sure that she’d even bother logging in to the account her friend created. Callum is finally ready to move on from losing his wife years before but living on a pretty isolated island means dating is more than difficult. Just as he’s about to give up on finding a match Sadie is finally taking the leap and using her account. They form an immediate connection with that first message and as they continue to talk their chemistry becomes more and once they meet its off the charts.

Emily Goodman – “Her sweet, heartfelt romance gave me all the feels as it came to life.”

Red Hatter Book Blog – “I was not prepared for just how sweet this was! I truly loved it.”

CeeCee Houston – “I really enjoyed reading this new to me author, she has a great descriptive way with her words. They draw you in and keep you spellbound until the end. A lovely, warm and tender story.”

Jessica Ames was raised in a small market town in the Midlands, England. She lives with her crazy mongrel terrier and when she’s not writing she’s playing with crochet hooks. From the moment she was old enough to hold a pen she created fantastical stories and by the age of 17 had written her first full-length novel: a fantasy story about an exiled boy king. It was a cliched mess, but she realised she could, in fact, write and finish a book!
Knowing she needed to make money, she found work in the publishing world. Over the next decade, she honed her skills and worked hard to learn everything she could about writing. In January 2018, in a moment of insanity, she quit her job in magazine publishing to write books full time.

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