New Release, Review + Giveaway: Ricca by Esther E. Schmidt

Title: Ricca
In Loyalty Lies Trust
Author: Esther E. Schmidt
Genre: Standalone Mafia Romance
Release Date: January 22, 2019
Chiara was raised into the mafia world the
hard way. Enduring the assault at the hands of her father until she was
kidnapped and forced to marry a mob boss. One she’s sure is even worse than her
Ricca never backs away from a challenge. When
the woman he kidnapped sneers he would never own her, he’s more than happy to
prove her wrong. It doesn’t matter he is being forced into this marriage by The
Syndicate, to cover-up the kidnapping.
An enemy is forging a plan to take Ricca down.
Can a marriage, even one forced by the decision of others, turn into a solid
band of trust, loyalty, and eventually love? Or will either one—or their
enemy—rip out their heart to stop it from beating? Dive into this Mafia Romance
where the value of human life is worth less than loyalty.

FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Heather!

Ok so I am going so glad I’ve read this book. It is not my first book by this author, but it is my first mafia read by her.

I’ve decided when I grow up I want to be just like Chiara. She is a strong independent woman that really knows how to take care of business. The way she was raised is unconventional to say the least. She learned at a young age that you need to keep your eyes and ears open at all times. Trust and respect is something you don’t give away freely and must be earned.

Now Ricca was a strong alpha male that appears to have a heart of stone, but underneath the tough exterior is a man with a huge heart. He became the boss at a young age after his parents were taken from him and his sister. He is known for being a hothead and acting before things are completely thought through. Doesn’t mean that is a bad thing, but I’m his line of work one really needs to be careful.

Their story is one that starts out rough, but they both soon see that what started out as revenge is really the best thing that has happened to both of them. The secondary characters aka the 3 ducklings were hilarious and helped this story flow. The way they took to Chiara even if she did frighten them from time to time. I really could go on and on about this story, but I’m afraid I will let something slip and I don’t want to give any spoilers.

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Author Bio
Esther E. Schmidt, author of Areion Fury MC, Broken Deeds
MC, Wicked Throttle MC, Lost Valkyries MC, Death by Reaper MC, The Dudnik
Circle series, and The Swamp Heads series. She’s a graphic designer that also
loves to write. She released her first series “Areion Fury MC” in October 2015.
Esther lives in The Netherlands with her family, three daughters, and a crazy
bulldog. She loves to write about bad boy Alphas with a heart for only one
woman. To make it a bit interesting, that woman needs to be a badass herself.
She loves to work out and most of her story lines come from doing cardio.
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