Review: The Millionaire’s Baby Surprise by Calliope Raine

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If you like rich international millionaires, you’ll love Nikhil Savani. Set in super sexy New York, The Millionaire’s Baby Surprise is an interracial contemporary romance with lots of heart. Nik Savani, the first brother in The Savani Brothers Series, is a gorgeous alpha male millionaire with a revolving door of stunning women at his beck and call. He’s selfish and ruthless until one day he receives a telephone call that shatters his self indulgent world into pieces.

Doctor Clara Shaw has watched her friend and patient die of cancer, leaving behind her sweet four year old child – Jackson – who was born from a reckless one night stand. When Clara discovers the boy’s father is none other than her neighbor Nikhil Savani, she is stunned. Having had more than her fair share of sexy daydreams about Nik, Clara isn’t sure she’ll be able to keep her distance from the playboy millionaire. Which forces Clara to examine her own life and choices and consider the possibility of opening her heart to love.

The Millionaire’s Baby Surprise will warm your heart and make you fall in love with a gorgeous foreign hero and a strong heroine with morals, bravery and passion.

FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt!

One of my favorite things is discovering a new author who’s writing steals my heart and that’s exactly what Calliope Raine did with The Millionaire’s Baby Surprise! Don’t let this fast read fool you, it’s jam packed with adorable sweetness and a ton of swoon that will keep you glued to every page. I was hooked right from the heartbreaking start that brought tears to my eyes all the way to the beautiful end that left me happy sighing!

Even being a pretty fast read Nik and Clara don’t have an instalove kind of romance. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t an immediate attraction between them though, these two had sparks flying like crazy with the intense chemistry that continued to build as they spent more and more time together. I loved how much more real the build up of their relationship was adding more depth to their story and making me fall even more in love with these characters.

This book is a fantastic start to what looks to be an incredible series! I’m already dying for more of these wonderfully sweet and seriously sexy brothers.


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