Book Tour + Review: Clayton by Rachelle Mills

Title: Clayton
Series: The Wildflower Series Book 1
Author: Rachelle Mills
Genre: NA Paranormal Romance
Release Date: December 18, 2018
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
The alpha was supposed to be mine. Our fates were decided by the Moon herself, but he chose to follow his own path to a future that didn’t include me. 
Accepting my destined mate’s rejection was the hardest thing I ever had to do, and it cost me my pack, my friends, and in the end…my home.
Now, four years later, I have to rejoin my old pack, forced to see him love another female. Her scent is mixed into the crevices of his skin, and every breath I take is slowly killing me little by little. 
How do you tell yourself not to breathe?
But there’s one more element to this story, something I didn’t count on…and his name is Dallas Valentine. 
I’m drawn to him in a way I can’t explain. There’s something about him, about the scent of his secrets that lures me in, tempting my most primal instincts. But he’s not destined for me, and what chance do I stand against fate?

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Julia’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:
Clayton is so different from the PNR out there nowadays, and I loved it! I’m a huge fan of instamate, but I always wondered what would happen if one or both deny the bond. Rachelle Mills answered that in this beautifully heartbreaking story. My heart bled for Rya. How could her pack treat her so callously when all she wanted was her true mate. It made no sense to me. When she leaves to train, she really comes into herself as a woman. She grows and lives each day, it isn’t a happy life but it is a life. When Rya gets the call to come back home, she’s devastated how will she cope with seeing her true mate and another everyday.

Rya is so damn strong. What she survives? It will kill you. Yet Rya pushes on and slowly opens her heart to another. Dallas is great. He’s sweet and understanding, yet he also has a harder side to him. Now while I loved how this story played out, I honestly am left confused on the last 20%. I have no idea what is going on, or what went on. It just came out of no where and went by too quickly. I found my self rereading pages to figure out exactly what is going on, and still have too many questions on it. I’m hoping they will be answered with another book, I’m eager to see Dallas and Rya again and see if they can put aside old hurts and be the couple they are meant to be.


“Clayton is so different from the PNR out there nowadays, and I loved it!” – Red Hatter Book Blog

“Clayton is a steamy, hot, dark pararomance.” – Rose (Goodreads)

“I suggest everyone take a chance on this soul cleansing adventure.” – Goodreads Review






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