Audiobook Review: Silk and Shadows by Lauren Landish

Silk and Shadows by Lauren Landish

Narration: Melissa Moran, Tor Thom

Five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars from Ari

Length: 4 hrs, 47 mins




Sassy, classy, and in no need of a man. That’s me.

At least, until now.

My mouth has been known to get me into trouble, and now is a perfect example. I’ve been asked to tutor the star of the football team, Zach Knight. To top it off, no one can know, and I have to pretend to be his girlfriend as a cover story.

And he’s insufferable, thinking with this other head. But the more I sass him, the more he wants me. The more I say no, a word the Big Man on Campus rarely hears, the more he chases me. But his alpha attitude is doing crazy things to me.

Every snarl I make sounds more like a purr. Every bratty pout looks more like a naughty invitation.

And as the line between real and pretend blurs, I suddenly find myself wanting Zach to take everything from me.

My body, and maybe even my heart.


I loved this hot jock and tutor/fake relationship story. It was a fun and quick listen and Ms Landish made falling for Zach easy. He’s sexy, smart, and a total sweetheart. Norma is was a great sassy female lead and the banter between she and Zach was just perfect! Lauren Landish is quickly becoming a go to author for me with her amazing stories full or heat and heart. She keeps the angst to a minimum giving the story just enough to add an element of drama, but still keeping it feeling real and relatable. Add to that her heroines that have sass and vulnerability in just the right measure and heroes that are completely drool and swoon worthy, and you have yourself a one-click author!

Narrators Melissa Moran and Tor Thom continue to narrate this series and thank goodness! I love their pairing and performances in series so much. Melissa Moran perfectly captures Norma’s vulnerability and sassiness. Tor Thom was just perfect at the hot jock: confident, strong, sexy, but still gentle and sweet. Totally credit worthy!


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