New Release + Double Review: Fumbled Love by Lila Rose

Title: Fumbled Love
Author: Lila Rose
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: December 4, 2018
The one day
English teacher Reagan Wild is late for work—and looks like she dressed herself
in the dark—she remembers Carter Anthony, a well-known football star, is coming
to the school to deliver a talk to her overexcited students.
Reagan knows Carter from her high school days, since he was her past crush, she
wasn’t ready to see him again. At the time, she hated being invisible. But
right now, she wished she could simply disappear.
Anthony is keen to give back to his hometown, but what he doesn’t expect is
getting something in return. When a chance encounter with Reagan, the shy girl
from his past, happens, he knows instinctively this woman is supposed to be in
his life.
With an
embarrassing ability to blurt out whatever’s on her mind, Reagan doesn’t understand
Carter’s attention. She has no doubt, though, he’ll soon realize his mistake
when he discovers just how crazy she and her family are. But no matter what he
sees, what he hears, or how her looney family behaves, he doesn’t run. In fact,
Carter’s family seem just as unique as hers.
Through dog
poop, naked yoga, and the paparazzi’s, can Carter and Reagan have any hope in
love, even when it’s fumbled?

FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt!

I was not prepared for this book. I don’t know what I was expecting but when I started this I immediately knew I got much, much, more than I thought I would. I certainly didn’t expect Fumbled Love to become one of my favorite books this year, but that’s exactly what happened. Fair warning, prepare to get looks if you’re reading this in public because I promise you that you will end up laughing loudly and hysterically frequently. Lila Rose is spot on when it comes to humor. Brilliantly writing in a way that delivers pure comedic gold while still building an incredibly sweet and romantic story.
Reagan is hands down one of the best characters ever. She’s both wickedly funny and smart while being entirely relatable in a way that makes you wish she would pop out of the book and become your new bestie. Carter, while definitely appreciating all that is Reagan, is much more of the sweet and swoony than laugh out loud. He’s immediately drawn to her before he even realizes their connection from the past and that draw only continues to grow the more he’s around her. 
Full of absolute hilarity from Reagan, along with her family and friends and some of the sweetest romance ever this book will have you smiling on every page and make you want to go back and read it again and again!

FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Julia!

Laugh out loud humor and sugary sweetness abound in Fumbled Love! I could not stop cracking up through the vast majority of this book thanks to Reagan and her family.

That hilarity and the sweeter than cotton candy romance between Reagan and Carter kept me hooked. I had so much fun reading this perfect feel good romance!

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Author Bio
Lila was born in Brisbane Australia, her step-dad was in the
Army which caused them to move around a lot. They finally settled in country
Victoria, Australia. Being the youngest of four children she admits she was
spoilt a bit. Even drove her mum crazy when she refused to eat meat at a young

Now, Lila lives with her husband and two children.

She started writing in 2013 and self-published the first of the Hawks MC:
Ballarat Charter series- Holding Out. Since then, she has published eleven
other titles, which range from erotica, humorous romance, YA and
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