Audiobook Review: The Hookup Experiment by Emma Hart

The Hookup Experiment by Emma Hart

Narration: Loretta Rawlings, Aiden Snow

Five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from Ari

Length: 6 hrs, 53 mins




1.Hate-screw my high school nemesis.

2.Remember to hate him.

3.Prove my brother wrong.

It should be easy.

It isn’t.

As the owner of Pick-A-D*ck, New Orleans’ premier hook-up website, my job is simple. Connect two people for a no-strings, no-expectations hook-up. The plus for my clients is that I’m the one who gets to sift through the d*ck pics—except this time, they’re required.

My problem? My brother, co-owner of Pick-A-D*ck’s sister dating site, doesn’t believe it’s possible to hook up with someone three times and not fall in love.

I disagree. I know it’s possible.

And my disagreement is exactly how I end up reconnected with my high school nemesis, Elliott Sloane. The guy who asked me to junior prom and then stood me up. Who egged my car when I rejected him, and convinced my senior homecoming date to ghost me.

It should be easy to hate-screw him. If only he was still that person, instead of a hot-as-hell single dad, working as a builder to make ends’ meet, fighting for custody of his daughter.

Three hook-ups.

One outcome.



After reading The Upside to Being Single I was not so patiently awaiting Peyton’s book and it did not disappoint. It was funnier, wittier, and more charming than I could have dreamed. Peyton and Elliot were romantic comedy perfection. Their push-and-pull attraction translated into sizzling hot chemistry and mouthwatering sexual tension in and out of the bedroom. And did I mention the banter? Because I love good banter and Emma Hart gives freaking amazeballs banter! But seriously, even with all that goodness I think Elliot’s daughter stole the show for me and my heart. Gah! I’m a sucker for kids.

Deliciously sexy, funny as hell, and everything outstanding is precisely what The Hook-Up Experiment is! The perfect mix of enemies to lovers and romantic comedy with Emma Hart awesome sprinkles on top.

Narration was done by Loretta Rawlings and Aiden Snow. Both new to me narrators and loved them together and individually. Have I been under a rock? Because Aiden Snow was the perfect mix of sexy and funny and I wanted more! Ms. Rawlings was just as great. I especially liked her southern drawl and excellent comedic timing. I need more audio from these two, stat! 5 Stars.


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