11 New Releases + Review: Dilf Mania a Single Dad Collection

DILF MANIA is available now!
Every book contains a HOT SINGLE DAD ready to find love!

BUY THEM ALL NOW! — http://bit.ly/2Pm7WNI

There are ELEVEN books in the collection!

DILFs come in many shapes and forms.
From older, confident in control men to the single dads who make our ovaries explode. Either way, we gotta admit, they are pretty panty melting!
This is a collaboration where authors have come together to celebrate DILFs in a variety of ways for your reading enjoyment, bringing you brand spanking new reads.
Temperatures might be dropping outside but trust us when we say you might want to grab a fan while reading these!

Authors included: Teresa Crumpton, Kristen Hope Mazzola, Mayra Statham, Geri Glenn, Aubrey Parr, Jessika Klide, Winter Travers, Jennifer Domenico, GM Scherbert, Melanie Codina, Felicia Fox

Britt’s FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review of For You I Will by Kristen Hope Mazzola!

I don’t think there will ever come a day when I can’t find myself completely captivated by a Kristen Hope Mazzola book. The magic she has in making a fast read feel like you’ve experienced a full lifetime of love is something I’ve only ever found with her writing. Cason and Stormi have the kind of relationship that will completely sweep you off your feet.

Adorably sweet and so beautifully in love I found myself quickly lost in all the swoony wonder that is these two. When life sweeps the rug out from under their feet and throws them directly into parenthood things only get even better in my opinion. What could tear apart others just makes these two stronger and what was already sweet becomes absolutely heartwarming as their little family grows.


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