Audiobook Review: The Line Below by Ali Dean

The Line Below by Ali Dean
Narration: Stacy Glemboski
Three ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 from Ari
Length: 6 hrs, 14 mins


Water. The place where I feel at peace.
Free from the expectations. Away from the judgement. Weightless from the obligations.

When I slip under the cool surface, I’m no longer sinking from the demands of family, school and the choices that I must make. Chase my dream of the Olympics or follow the expected career path? What will it be?

I’m not usually one to rock the boat – that’s my twin sister’s role. I find myself in uncharted territory when I meet Jett Decker on my twenty-first birthday. It’s not like me to get swept off my feet, but when I do, it creates waves with those closest to us.

Chemistry ignites, jealousy spikes and tension builds the more we’re together. Sometimes in real life the lines between what is wanted and what must be done get blurred. Not everything is crystal clear, like the line below.

The Line Below is the first book of Ali Dean I’ve ever read. Sports romance is one of my favorite genres so I was excited for a new authors and to listen to this audio, unfortunately it just wasn’t my jam. This plot fell a bit flat for me and the romance felt forced. I liked the story just fine and the audio was good. I just couldn’t connect with the story/characters this time around enough to love it.

•Jett and Shay
•both driven athletes
•chemistry sparked and fizzled
•he’s bossy-ish, but not throughout entire book
•she’s kind of a pushover

•steam factor low
•angst level HIGH
•angst felt added just for drama’s sake
•entertainment level JUST FINE
•LOVED relationship between Shay and her sister, Kick

•Stacy Glemboski
•easy listening
•soothing, husky voice
•great flow
•good “male” voice

Recommend YES


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