Book Tour: Whiskey Renegade by HJ Bellus

WHISKEY RENEGADE by HJ Bellus is LIVE on Amazon!
Also available on KU:Amazon US | Amazon Universal
We used to be kings on top of the world, but it all went to hell…
My money and power are worthless.
All I want is blood bathing my knuckles, their soulless bodies bead at my feet.
I’ve never felt the need to take someone’s life until now.
They will pay.
I will sacrifice everything to protect my family.
To save the beauty that’s been haunting my dreams.
I don’t even know her, but the fear dancing in her eyes will be my worst nightmare.It’s a game of death, and I’m all in.

FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt!

I have to say, this is one of HJ Bellus’ best series to date. The first book had me hooked, but this one, oh my god I did not see this coming! Kemp’s story is nothing like I expected. It is so much more than I could have predicted with twists that left me biting my nails and a romance so intense it will steal your breath. I really want to keep this vague, especially if you’ve read the previous book, trust me you want to go into this completely spoiler free!

This couple is intense from start to finish. Their relationship forged in fire, the bond they build completely unbreakable. There’s no way to prepare yourself for all these two go through to get their HEA. But I will say their story is riveting. From heart pounding suspense to deeply emotional moments every page is gripping and keeps you addicted to this book. I did every thing from full on ugly cry to giggle like crazy with a whole lot of swoon in between while reading Whiskey Renegade!

Also available on KU: Amazon US | Amazon Universal

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HJ Bellus is a small town girl who loves the art of storytelling. When not making readers laugh or cry, she’s a part-time livestock wrangler that can be found in the middle of Idaho, shotgunning a beer while listening to some Miranda Lambert on her Beats and rocking out in her boots.

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