Audiobook Review: Satin and Pearls by Lauren Landish

Satin and Pearls by Lauren Landish

Narration: Melissa Moran, Tor Thom


I have a confession to make. I hate my math professor, Connor Daniels.

From the moment he walked into class, he’s been a thorn in my side, nitpicking every little thing that I do. It burns me how he expects me to be just as perfect as he is. I get that professors are supposed to challenge their students, but he’s such a . . .

He’s a dick.

Cocky. Big-headed. Egotistical.

So why can’t I stop fantasizing about him? Standing up there in his tight jeans, his bulge practically flaunted in my face. I picture the victorious way he’d smirk as he bent me over his desk, flipping my skirt up and taking me. Like it was inevitable.

But here’s the thing . . .

I don’t want him to just take my body, or my virginity.

I want him to teach me everything.

It’s as if Lauren Landish had a lot of things I love in a romance and wrote a story that included them all! Taboo, student-teacher romance, virgin heroine, yup! All here. It might sound like a bit too much, but it was oh so right!

Daisy can’t stand her professor, Connor. Despite thinking he’s sexy as hell, she also knows he doesn’t seem to like her as is evident in her grades. Still, she can’t help but be drawn to the arrogant man. Conner wants Daisy. He knows he shouldn’t because she’s a student and strictly off limits, but he can’t ignore his need for her much longer. And he doesn’t want to.

This story was freaking yummy! Fun, passionate, and hot, hot, HOT! I also loved the characters. Connor was such a delicious hero! Yes, he’s a super hot man in change, but he’s also got a great heart. His desire for Daisy had me fanning myself, but his love for her melted my heart. My only complaint is that I wish the audiobook was longer because I wanted more!

Narration by Melissa Moran and Tor Thom was spot on! Ms. Moran’s narration of Daisy was so great. Not only was it sexy, but she also gave her that young innocence that the character needed. Tor Thom as Conner was amazing! Sexy, commanding, and hot. I really enjoyed this narration pairing and can’t wait to hear more from them again. 5 Stars.


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