New Release & Review: Take A Chance On Me by Emilia Finn

Take a Chance on Me by Emilia Finn is available now!


Barnes & Noble




Oh Sh*t 

*This is part 2 of the Marc and Meg Duet. It cannot be read as a standalone. 
Due to spoilers, the above is all the blurb you will get.

FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt!

Only Emilia Finn could write a book that has you both full on ugly crying in a pile of tissues and peeing your pants with laughter all while having your heart completely stolen. The conclusion to Marc and Meg’s story is even more epic than the first book! Fair warning, I was not exaggerating that ugly cry. I may have been cussing Emilia up and down in my head for a bit as the tissues piled up around me but these two are worth every tear. 
She did such an exceptional job of writing about something so incredibly hard there is no way around the fact it’s going to rip your heart right out. That said She puts your heart back together in the best way possible so hold tight and keep going on the the ride that is Marc and Meg! Surprisingly these two are one of my favorite couples ever from her. One of. Jack and Britt still hold the number one spot. The trials these two go through only serve to prove just how amazingly strong their love really is. 
It’s not all hard hitting emotion and tears though. Not with this crew! The tight knit bonds of family and friendship that make Emilia’s books so addictive are as present as ever in Take A Chance On Me resulting in some serious laugh until you cry, look like a crazy person, and pee your pants moments that are entirely unforgettable. Along with some serious heart warming, make you happy smile, and want to hug a book feel good to round it all out. 


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