Epic New Release + Review + Giveaway: The Fall Before Flight by L.M. Halloran


Title: The Fall Before Flight
Author: L.M. Halloran
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 11, 2018


I didn’t try to kill myself. It was an accident. 
No, more than that — a natural disaster. 
Fate’s fickle lightning strike.
No one believes me.
I can’t blame them, really. 
There’s something wrong with me. 
I’m incapable of emotions that come naturally 
to others. Fear, compassion, love…
I might be a sociopath.
Everyone thinks I’m beyond help. 
Everyone but Dr. Leo Chastain. 
One of us is going to break the other…
Care to place a bet? 



Julia’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

You ever have a book dig into your psyche and pull out all the emotions and memories you thought would never see the light of day? You ever read a book that hit you so profoundly? A book so beautiful, with such beautifully damaged characters that you feel every annoyance, anger, heartbreak, happiness, sadness like it’s your own? The Fall Before Flight hit me like this. Made Mia’s hurts, my hurts. Mia’s happiness, my happiness. Also made Mia’s triumphs, my triumphs. Mia and Leo have an unconventional love story, a hands down beautifully written love story. L.M. Halloran has a way with words that make you eager for the next sentence, that keep you heart pumping for the next interaction, that break you so magnificently and then put you back together again better than you ever were.

I connected so hard with Mia. I think everyone will on some level. She’s so damaged and yet lives life so freely it makes you covet her and want to be her. Damage and all. Each breakthrough she goes through tears you apart with her. She’s a hot mess, yet she’s so perfectly human. Leo is a hard nut to crack at first. He’s so stotic and professional, you wonder where his story with Mia will begin. Then you realize it began during that first session, that first look. Leo has many flaws yet you can’t help but love him through them all. Him and Mia fit so well together, they heal each other’s hurts. Even though they are forbidden you see each of them fall just a little bit every single day.

L.M. Halloran is one of the best story tellers I’ve come across. The fact that she makes you feel every emotion down to the simplest ones is incredible. The Fall Before Flight will break you, but it will fix you as well.



Author Bio


When not writing or reading, the author enjoys walking
barefoot, subjecting her husband to questionable recipes, and chasing her
spirited toddler. She’s a rabid fan of coffee, moon-gazing, and small dogs that
resemble Ewoks. Home is San Diego, CA, but her heart lives in Portland.


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