New Release + Review: Death’s Primordial Kiss by Romarin Demetri




Graduate from magic school and grow alongside your powers in the London Coven. 

In a world where everyone wants to see you fail, it’ll be a bloody day in hell before you give up. Helaine would gladly skip university if it meant joining the London Coven, but no one in the city wants her to achieve the 10-year appointment that is even more prestigious than her family. A firecracker by nature, Helaine’s desire to succeed is fueled by proving others wrong. Can she stand up for herself at auditions and win the title of coven witch out from under both her sister, Rose, and her magic-wielding ex-boyfriend? Not today, Teddy. 

Sometimes when there’s no place for you in the world, you have to make your own. A Changeling, Rose has felt like an alien her whole life. The coven can give her a sense of identity, but when powers go awry, untamable passion can be even more dangerous than a witch hunter. Rose’s magical abilities are dependent on lust and desire, and also on the help of her mentor, whose talent intimidates her just as much as the tension between them does. However, does being a prophesied witch unlike any other mean that she doesn’t have a match and is destined to be alone to save the world?

When martial artists Helaine and Rose compete against each other for a place as an initiate on the London Coven, they realize the dangers of conspiracy when one of their peers is murdered. Now, with someone burning through witches, the coven’s newest initiate member must put aside her guilt and perfect her powerful, yet unpredictable elemental magic to save her fellow witches, or she could lose her career—and worse, her life.



Julia’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

Death’s Primordial Kiss is definitely something unique and original! You get two stories interwoven into one big book with Death’s Primordial Kiss. We get to know two girls who are on the cusp of being women, they are best friends and sisters of the heart. Rose and Helaine both want to join the amazing London Coven. They don’t want to go up against each other but they choose to both go for the tryouts. So many secrets are happening in the background. There seems to be an evil force trying to manipulate the Coven. Both girls are destined to be in it.

I loved Rose and Stan more than anyone. Rose is very mature for her 18 years but still let’s her bestie get her in trouble. I love the growth we see from her throughout the entire book. She grows into herself as well as her magic. Stan is such a blunt guy. I love him! He has more secrets than Area 51. He’s also kind in his own way and I do hope that later on he and Rose find love in each other.

I didn’t connect with Helaine as much as Rose. I do like her, don’t get me wrong, but I felt a stronger connection to Rose. Helaine seems to me that she is calculating and I kinda feel like she has dark in her. She rubbed me the wrong way a few times. Though her story is just as good as Rose’s, I’m excited to read more about both of them.

The magic is somewhat different in this book. I loved the new take on it and I loved the research that was done to have so many different types of magical people. Not just witches but a little of everything. The writing kept me engaged and made me want to finish the story. The plot is so thick right now I’m begging for the second book already. I will say I do think there was maybe too many characters. It was hard to keep up with who was who because we are thrown a lot of friends and a lot of family. I found myself going back a few times to figure out who someone was. I do believe if you are are a fan of fantasy and paranormal with hints of romance, this is the perfect book! Magic, mayhem, and intrigue are woven so well in this one!!


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About The Author:

Romarin Demetri is an eccentric personality with a compulsion for writing that cannot be tamed. With a B.A. in English and Psychology, the support of her readers, and positive editorial reviews, Demetri focuses on twisty fiction and the redeeming qualities of human nature. Demetri is currently writing urban fantasy and paranormal romance set in London, because there’s just something about the city.

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