New Release + Double Review: Vegas Bound by Summer Brooks


Title: Vegas Bound
Series: Wander & Lust Series
Author: Summer Brooks
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 25, 2018


He was
reckless, hotheaded, and bad.
A tattooed god was once my best friend. My first love. My reason for

But his vanishing act created a hole inside my heart.

Today, he’s the famous son of one of the wealthiest men on the continent.

I never thought I’d see him again… and much less in Las Vegas.

Dominic Cruz, whom I’ve spent the last fifteen years fantasizing about, now
stands before me.

And I barely recognize him.

He says he won’t let me go. That he can’t let me go. Not this time.

Even if it means letting me drown with him into the depths of his secret.

No cheating and a guaranteed HEA!




Britt’s 🎩🎩 hat review:

One thing I hate doing more than almost anything else is having to give a book a low rating. So bear with me here and let me break it down for why Vegas Bound just didn’t do it for me and also what I did like. This is definitely a fast read, but even for a fast read the pace was set at breakneck speeds right from the start. Everything was moving so quickly it almost felt like it was more a race to the finish line than a book.
I felt like I never actually got to know or form any kind of connection to any single character at all because of how fast things were moving. It also left me feeling confused as if I had missed something more than once because the fast pace at which this book moves resulted in very little detail. One moment these two would be getting things hot and steamy and the next they’d be arguing or leaving. It was almost like I’d blink and miss something. That same speed though resulted in the actions of nearly every character seeming either far fetched or immature for the ages *I think* they are.
What I did like though were the glimpses of sweet that I did see. Always one for sweet and second chances those peeks I got at what Bella and Dom could be kept me holding on to hope.
Overall, this book has serious potential to be amazing with a slower pace, more detail, and less jumpiness.



Julia’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

Vegas Bound is a rollercoaster of emotions and second chances. I really liked this quick, sweet read! Dom and Isabella were best friends growing up after some shady crap went down, Isabella never heard from Dom again. Isabella is in Vegas with her bestie getting ready for their wedding. As the maid of honor Isabella has to make sure everything goes great even though the brother of the groom is her old best friend. Shenanigans, emotions, and sexy time happen in rapid pace and make you lose yourself in the story.

Isabella is a fire cracker. She seems shy but she is a powerhouse of emotion. She feels anger and love all at the same time. Her heart and her mind pull her in two different directions. Dom knows what he wants, what he always wanted, and that’s Isabella. He takes this second chance and makes sure Isabella knows his intentions. I loved them together. The back and forth between them, loving one moment and angry at each other the next, made this story more real.

Vegas Bound made me smile and swoon with Dom and his determination. It’s a great fast paced second chance that leaves you swooning!




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Releasing October 2, 2018

Releasing October 9, 2018



Author Bio
Summer Brooks writes
She’s a diehard fan of books that drip with emotion and drama. The kind
that would make you squirm under the blankets and set your heart on fire.
A steamy love story with a dash of tenderness and a whole lot of passion
really gets her going. When Summer isn’t ragingly typing away on her laptop,
she’s usually found listening to music and thinking of scenes that would make
your toes curl.


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