Audiobook Review: Sometimes You Lose by Stacy Eaton

Sometimes You Lose by Stacy Eaton

4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars from Ari

Narration: Julie Walters, Gene Branson

Length: 4 hrs, 22 mins




Sometimes You Lose, The Sometimes Series, Book 2 (Please note this book does have a cliff hanger)

It’s been three weeks since Haley Rosewood and Devon Carrington won the lottery. Most people would picture their days taking them from one exciting journey to another and their nights filled with champagne and caviar as appetizers to unbridle their passion—but that’s not what happens.

Instead, Haley is trying to find a new home, a place to start her business, and a way to keep control of her life. Devon is only trying to help her, but it seems that everything he does just pushes Haley’s buttons in the wrong way.

When a new contract comes into his security company, it threatens not only the future of his company, but Haley and Allison’s welfare as well. Devon must take drastic measures to stop it, and Haley has to trust him, but can she before it’s too late? Or will her trust in him be what destroys her in Sometimes You Lose?

Currently, the first book, Sometimes You Win, is exclusively found in the Luck of the Draw box set. Sometimes You Win will be available as a single title in mid-August. The third book in the series, Sometimes You Just Play the Game, will be available this fall.


What happens after the ‘happily ever after?’ Hayley and Devin are adjusting to their new life together and for Devin, it’s not quite what he had imagined. Despite their love and connection Hayley begins to let her trust issues become a wedge between them. As everyday life begins to set in, Hayley becomes more overwhelmed and leaves Devin struggling to adjust. Just as Hayley begins to find her purchase, her past comes barreling back with her and her daughter in he crossfire and Devin desperately trying to protect them.

I loved getting to follow up with these characters. Life isn’t always tidy and neat. It can be challenging and messy, yet still worth fighting for. Getting to see Devin and Hayley fight for their love was so great and heartfelt. Sometimes You Lose had just enough drama and suspense to keep me firmly glued to my earbuds and plenty of feels to have me completely invested in the characters. And OH MY GOD it ends in a cliffhanger! *dies*

Narration was once again done by Julie Walters and Gene Branson. I really liked that the narration was once again performed by the same duo. I enjoyed their performances and the emotion they both brought t the characters. I’m excited for the next part of Hayley and Devin’s story. 4 Stars.


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