New Release, Review + Giveaway: Brighter Than The Boss by Marika Ray

Title: Brighter Than the Boss
Series: Beach Squad #5 (Standalone)
Author: Marika Ray
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy
Release Date: September 20, 2018
When a case of mistaken identity leads to a naked make-out session with
my hot new employee, I decide to do the sensible thing and stay far, far away
to save both our jobs. Trouble is, all the whiskey and women in the world can’t
burn that memory out of my brain.
She’s everything I’m not: a happy, non-swearing, ray of sunshine. She’s
positively annoying, but I can’t deny the burning attraction that sparks every
time we’re near each other.
When a statewide tsunami warning puts my crew of lifeguards in a life or
death emergency, Sunny and I have to set our feelings aside to work closely
together. Crazy enough, the tsunami and tenuous job situation are the least of
my worries when she starts digging around in my dark past.

FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt!

Here’s the thing about the Beach Squad series. You start each book thinking “this is fun!” and then the beauty that is Marika Ray’s words really hits you and by the time you’ve reached the end you heart is so full it’s ready to burst. As is the theme in this series, Brighter Than The Boss is bursting not only with breathtaking romance but also overflowing with strong friendships and women supporting women.

So many times I was brought to tears while reading Cain and Sunny’s story. Not because of any ugly cry level heartbreak, but from the unadulterated beauty that came to life between these two very opposite people. Sunny lives up to her name spreading sunshine wherever she goes and being endlessly optimistic. I genuinely loved that about her. As someone who lives her life being recklessly optimistic I’ve been on the receiving end of a surprising amount of negativity because of it. Reading Sunny was like reading about someone who finally could get me.

Cain was the dark to Sunny’s life. Broody, jaded, and a certified manw**re he was not prepared for the ray of sunshine that is Sunny to invade his life. These two grow from enemies with electric chemistry to one of the greatest couple I’ve ever read throughout their story.

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Author Bio
Marika Ray
spends her time behind a computer crafting stories, walking the beaches of
southern California scoping out the lifeguards, and making healthy food for her
kids and husband whether they like it or not. Prior to writing novels, Marika
held various jobs in the finance industry, with private start-up companies, and
then in health & fitness. Cats may have nine lives, but Marika believes
everyone should have nine careers to keep things spicy.
enjoys writing all types of fiction novels, based on what inspires her. Right
now she’s working on stand-alone romances in the Beach Squad series, all about
California lifeguards and their equally fearless women. Moderate suspense, a
splash of humor, and lots of steamy romance…all with the beautiful ocean as a
relaxing backdrop!
information can be found at
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