New Release + Double Review: Roadster by Danielle Norman

She’s gonna take you for a ride!
Roadster by Danielle Norman is NOW LIVE!!!

FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt!

Roadster shows right from the start just how powerful Danielle Norman’s writing is. With a prologue that not only grips you, pulling you into the story, but also moves you. You know it’s going to be an incredible ride when a prologue gives you chills from how magnificent it is! Right from the start you know there’s no damsel in distress in Roadster. Adeline shows just how strong and bada*$ she is immediately.

Even with the overall bada*$ strength of the women in this book and the serious swoon that Danielle Norman does so well there’s still moments of laugh out loud humor that had me occasionally cracking up while everyone around me looked at me like I was nuts. The immediate sparks between Riley and Adeline are electric and filled with banter loaded with expert levels of sarcasm that made me look forward to every second these two were together. In all seriousness though, these two were explosive together and made for one heck of a story!

I loved how complex and full of suspense Roadster is. Not lacking in Danielle Norman’s signature swoony steam, but having multiple deep layers to the story making it feel like you’re truly in this world full of amazing women who take care of one another.

The message of women supporting women is powerful in this book in a way that will resonate with women all over. Strength, kindness, and love for each other pour from the pages and leave you with a feeling of empowerment and a heart filled with happiness.

FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Julia!

I love Danielle Norman! Each book of hers is unique in its own way with tough as nails females and the alpha men who love them. Roadster gives us Adeline and Riley. Adeline doesn’t believe in love, she’s not a fan of men, and she’s also not afraid to say everything on her mind. Riley is infuriatingly sexy and funny. He has a big heart and would do anything for his sister. Adeline is helping Riley’s sister, Loren, with her divorce. Helping in a way that makes sure @$$holes like Loren’s husband don’t get away with everything and making sure the ladies get their fair share. Iron Ladies is a pretty awesome idea and I loved the fact that the Iron Ladies make sure their clients are treated fair while also building confidence in them.

Danielle Norman weaved a beautiful tale of a woman who is bad @$$ finding her Mr. Right. The characters were hilariously awesome, the writing kept me sucked in, and the banter between Adeline and Riley had me in stitches! I’m excited to see more of these wonderful women of Iron Ladies and watching each one meet their match!

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“Here, take this, you need it.”
Those words used to mean something different to Adeline Morgan.
Once upon a time, they preceded her next high.
Now they had a deeper meaning, they were the sacred code of a whisper network of women.
Women who’d been helped by The Iron Ladies.

The wives of controlling husbands.
The partners of cheating men.
The lovers of playboys leading secret lives.
As an Iron Lady, Adeline helped them all. And she loved every minute of it.

And with each case Adeline grew jaded.
Every man had the potential to break hearts and destroy lives.
Until she met the one determined to prove her wrong.
He didn’t want to break her heart…he wanted to steal it.

About Danielle

Before becoming a romance writer, Danielle was a body double for Heidi Klum and a backup singer for Adele. Now, she spends her days trying to play keep away from Theo James, who won’t stop calling her or asking her out.

And all of this happens before she wakes up and faces reality where in fact she is a 50-something mom with grown kids. She’s been married longer than Theo’s been alive, and she now gets her kicks riding a Harley.

As far as her body, she can thank Ben & Jerry’s for that, as well as gravity and vodka. But she says that she could never be Adele’s backup since she never stops saying the F-word long enough to actually sing.

Danielle writes about kickass women with even better shoes and the men that try to tame them (silly, silly men).

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