New Release + Review: Her Prince’s Secret Baby by Ilsa Ames

Title: Her Prince’s Secret Baby
Author: Ilsa Ames
Genre: Contemporary Royal Romance
Release Date: September 11, 2018
There’s really only one rule: don’t f*ck the nanny.
I’m a wealthy, powerful heir to a throne.
She’s my strictly off limits employee.
I want her saying “yes, your highness.”
What I get instead is “the baby’s yours”.
“Love” left me broken and shattered once. But it also left
me with my little girl, Livia.
All I need is a nanny to watch her. But what I get with Cara
is an 
obsession. An addiction to the last girl in the world I
should have anything to do with.
I’m her boss. A prince. Heir to a throne and a kingdom. But
temptation is the sweetest sin, and Cara’s gorgeous, soft curves and fiery sass
are breaking the last of my willpower.
But there’s a secret she’s not telling me – a scandal that
could bring my kingdom to its knees. A secret that’s
growing between
Can I risk it all for love? Will I give up my billions and
my kingdom for a taste of the forbidden fruit?
…What about for the mother of my unborn child?
I take it back, there are two rules. And the second rule is
fall for the nanny.
Her Prince’s Secret Baby is a full-length contemporary
royal romance. Hot as sin and sweet as sugar, with a dominant alpha hero who’ll
stop at nothing to have and protect what’s his. Safe, no cliffhanger, and a
guaranteed happy ever after!

FOUR 🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt!

Sometimes I just want to get swept away with a good old royal secret baby romp. Her Prince’s Secret Baby delivered on that and more. Sweet and sexy come together with this one and quickly wrap you up in Andrej and Cara’s story creating the ultimate swoony escape. A sweet innocent American nanny and a sexy single father prince make for a read that has you reaching for a fan to cool off with the heat coming from the pages.

The attraction between these two was instant and the heat they put off could have started a fire but it was perfectly balanced with a bit of sweet and just the right amount of drama to keep things interesting. Cara was a character that was easy to like. Kindhearted and rather innocent, I couldn’t help but enjoy reading about her. Andrej on the other hand was her complete opposite. With the arrogance that comes with being royal he was also a tad broody and most definitely sexy. Together they’re a steamy sweet match that had me hooked.

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Author Bio
Ilsa Ames
is two die-hard romance readers-turned-authors. Best friends, moms, secret (and
sometimes not so secret…) smut lovers, and crappy reality television

hot, dominant alphas, smart, sassy heroines, & contemporary romance stories
to make you say “yes please!”. 
We hope you
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