New Release + Double Review: His Lady by Leah Sharelle

Title: His Lady
Series: Wounded Souls Series, Book Four
Author: Leah Sharelle
Genre: MC/Former Soldier Romance
Release Date: August 30, 2018
A place without you, Lady, ain’t anywhere I want to be.
I love you, Rainn.
Mannix Steel lives by one rule—loyalty always.
It helped him through one hellish deployment where he lost an eye, friends died, and his twin lost his leg. Worst of all, he lost his family. The Wounded Souls’ enforcer decided life was easier without letting his heart make the decisions. That’s why the club’s sexy dancer is perfect for him, no strings, no promises, and no heartache. At least, that’s what he thought, but when Rainn goes missing, Mannix realises she means much more to him.
As the spotlight dancer for the Wounded Souls’ strip club, Body and Souls, Rainn Storm knows how to use her body. She is a woman who is strong, independent—and deeply in love with the club’s rough-around-the-edges enforcer, Mannix. They have been in an open relationship for years, but that’s not enough for her now—especially since she has a secret that could destroy everything she has with her lover.
Will Mannix and Rainn ever see eye to eye on their relationship? Or will the dangerous Rogue destroy it for them?
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Britt’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:
I’m still trying to wrap my brain around all the amazingness that is His Lady. Leah Sharelle has fast become an author I adore with this series. Each book being even better than the last, but His Lady completely blew me away. I wasn’t even sure of how much I was going to like Mannix when I started this and next thing I knew not only did I love him, but I was more captivated by his and Rainn’s story than any of the others.
There is SO MUCH, just so freaking much in this book that anyone who has been reading this series is going to be blown away by. From the intense deep love between Mannix and Rainn to heart stopping twists nothing can prepare you for the impact this book is going to have. Leah Sharelle went above and beyond with this book! I’m left feeling torn between having my heart overflowing with happiness for Mannix and Rainn and absolutely dying for the next book.
Julia’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:
I’m not sure how Leah Sharelle does it, but each book just gets better and better. Mannix pissed me off more than his brother did, and that’s saying something. He has a heartbreaking past, no doubt about it, but life/fate decides to put Rainn in front of him and give him something good. He decides to mess it up. Like a man. Though I do love love Mannix’s devotion and love he has for Rainn. Rainn is my favorite chick, she’s a complete bad arse and gives zero fecks. She knows who she is and owns it. Her confidence is awe-inspiring and her take no crap attitude is refreshing. Mannix and Rainn together for better than all the men and their ladies. Mannix couldn’t have had anyone but Rainn, just as Rainn wouldn’t have dealt with anyone but Mannix.

The overall story arc comes to a head in His Lady. It leaves me terrified for the next book. We have experienced so much loss at the hands of Rogue but we have also seen devoted love in all the men from this hated man’s actions. Once again Leah Sharelle takes me away to Australia in this rough around the edges with a gooey center MC. All these characters have stolen my heart and I can’t wait to see if Creed will smile again!

I love the idea of being in love. Since my early teens when I first discovered Silhouette Desire novels my life has been all about reading. I would find myself re-writing scenes if I wasn’t happy with them and hiding them under my bed. That led me to writing love stories of my own. They all ended up under the bed and are still there, and there they will stay. I don’t do angst, in fact it drives me crazy.

I am a mum of three beautiful girls, Australian, and have what most say is a weird sense of humor.

I spend my free time doing movie, Sons of Anarchy, and Friends marathons. And reading.

I love Pina Colada’s and getting caught in the rain….. there’s that weird humor.




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