New Release + Review: Touch of Ice by Mary Auclair

The title is cold but this sci-fi romance will leave you RED HOT.
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As a huge lover of sci-fi romance it’s safe to say I’ve read a lot of books in the genre. It’s also safe to say there aren’t many that truly stand out for me anymore, but Touch Of Ice certainly did. Heart pounding action, breath taking romance, deep emotions, suspense and intrigue are all flying off the pages set in this incredible world that Mary Auclair has built! She’s created a world familiar enough for me to be drawn in, but so distinctly unique it’s unlike anything I’ve read before.

There’s not one moment of slowing down from the second you start Endora and Aldric’s story. I was hooked from the first page and lost to the outstanding roller coaster their story is until the very end. Despite being in a very different world and living an equally different life Endora is still a character that I found myself able to easily relate to. A fiercely protective mother putting her child above all else no matter what life throws at her Endora is the true definition of a fighter.

Aldric was the sexy, broody, alpha male I can’t help but love. His gruff demeanor disguises a huge heart filled with love for Endora that shines through even the darkest of moments.


He is as cold as ice. She is the salvation that will melt his heart.

When Endora is faced with her daughter’s terminal illness, she takes the only chance she’s got. She braves the potential risks and signs a mating contract with the Delradon Draekon Lords, intent on using the payment to buy the aliens’ cure to save her daughter’s life.

Lord Aldric Darragon rules over his land with an iron fist until one day the only woman who is genetically compatible with him agrees to his offer of mating. As his all-consuming passion for Endora explodes, an ancient threat looms heavy over humans and Delradons alike. With the lives of everyone he cares about hanging in the balance, Aldric has to fight the demons of his past if he wants to defeat the enemies of the present.

Publisher’s Note: This gripping sci-fi alien romance has it all: dragons, passion and tension. It also contains explicit themes and is intended for adults only.

About Mary

Mary grew up in the quiet peace of a small rural village in the heart of Quebec, Canada.

She spent her childhood chasing butterflies and catching frogs, playing in the mud and generally being as unladylike as she could. Her love of science led her to complete a mechanical engineering degree at the Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal, where she met the love of her life.

Years later, as she enjoyed the role of full time mom to her two wonderful children, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a writer.

She now write as much as her busy schedule allows to bring to life her inner world, filled with exotic planets, mysterious creatures and off course, hot, alpha heroes and the women who melt their hearts.

When she’s not writing, she can be found in the garden, walking her dogs or playing with fire in her kitchen as a part time hit-or-miss chef.

She loves to hear from her readers, so don’t be shy and drop her a line!

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