New Release + Review: Always You by Emilia Finn

Always You by Emilia Finn is available now!

What does any self respecting socialite do when she finds her husband screwing his secretary on HER dining room table?

She gets petty revenge a’la Louisville Slugger, then she runs home and pretends her whole life isn’t in tatters.

But when this princess can no longer pretend, she pulls on her big girl panties, slips out of her Louboutins and into her Nikes and gets a job for the first time in her life.



Fifteen years ago, Marc was the poor kid who didn’t have two coins to rub together.

He was working hard to earn his keep, and as a side benefit, was serving the prettiest princess at the local country club while she shot glares at his back – it didn’t matter to him whether they were death glares or gazes of adoration, she watched him walk away.

She watched every time.

Now Marc and Meg are grown, and she’s the one wearing an apron and serving up meals.

Oh how the tables have turned.

What’s a bowl of poisoned soup between friends? She wouldn’t actually kill him.

They’re just empty threats… right?

Always You is Book 1 in the Marc and Meg Duet and is not a standalone.

FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt!

Always You delivers the familiar warmth of family along with fantastic humor that is always present in Emilia Finn’s writing and adds on some major feels. In this first half of Marc and Meg’s story there’s a lot of emotional upheaval and life changes that add an extra element to the seriously hot frenemies to lovers relationship these two have going on.

Meg and Marc are masters of back and forth. Their banter is not only laugh out loud hilarious at times, but also builds a sexual tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. As much as these two played at enemies their chemistry over powered just about everything. They couldn’t be in the same room without sparks flying everywhere! Just that in itself is enough to have me hooked, but of course in true Emilia style there’s a lot more to them than just that incredible chemistry.

There truly is an emotional love story that is building right along with the electric chemistry that these two have. Meg is someone who at first glance most people might judge. A good bit spoiled and having lived her life in luxury she definitely wasn’t ready for the harsh reality of starting over but the amount she grew even in just the first half of this duet had me absolutely adoring her. She’s got a great family of friends to knock her into the real world while they love her fiercely and always have her back.

Marc was someone I already adored, but he’s still no saint. He had just as much to learn as Meg when it came to navigating the sometimes stormy waters between them. Full of everything from warm and fuzzies with laugh out loud moments to scorching heat and even making me shed a few tears Always You is a captivating first half of this duet! Fair warning though, since this is a duet there’s definitely a cliffy but luckily for my sanity Emilia Finn has taken mercy on all her readers and the finale of this duet isn’t far off so dive right in to Meg and Marc with no worries.


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  1. Great review, this sounds fun!😉


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