Blog Tour: Unbreakable by Crystal Daniels & Sandy Alvarez

Title: Unbreakable
Series: The Kings of Retribution MC #5
Author: Crystal Daniels & Sandy Alvarez
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: July 24, 2018

“A must read MC with characters that are out of this world fabulous.” ~ Spunky N Sassy


“…I have never had a book stay with me as vividly as this one did. This is an emotional read but it is well worth it!!” ~ Soledad

Fear makes us stronger and we become Unbreakable.


As the President of The Kings of Retribution MC,
Jake Delane has dedicated his life to his family and watched his Club flourish.
Seeing his brothers find strong women to stand at their sides unearthed buried feelings of loss; making the idea of never finding love again more absalute.
Until a beautiful, and fierce redhead moved to town.
Making Grace his became Jake’s mission.
Loving her became his reason to breathe.
Hiding from her past, Grace finds refuge in the small town of Polson.
As time passes, the secrets she keeps hidden become a necessary burden she must carry in order to protect the most important person in her life.
When she finds herself falling in love with the President of the local MC, Grace does the only thing she can;
She runs.
blog_review (1)
Britt’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:
Having followed this series from the very beginning you could say I’m more than a little attached to every character. The ups and downs, loves and losses all coming together creating a true family that keeps you reaching for every new release needing more of this amazing world Sandy and Crystal have created. All of that is the long way of saying I was SO FREAKING EXCITED TO READ UNBREAKABLE. Ok, so I stayed a normal mature adult for at least part of this review (GO ME!)
I was left on edge about Grace since her disappearance and finally, FINALLY we learn what happened. Grace’s sweet and shy ways intrigued me almost as much as Jake. The mystery surrounding her had my nosey self needing to know what her story was from the moment she first caught Jake’s eye. Her heartbreaking and secretive past coming to light just made me adore her. The woman has more strength than anyone could ever begin to understand. That strength paired with her amazing heart make her the perfect match to Jake.
From the start Jake has been the father figure for many in the MC. Solid, reliable, strong, and a genuinely good man he’s been dealt many blows in his life only to overcome them and not only become the wonderful man his is, but raise some pretty amazing men too. A widower for many years, he didn’t expect the immediate and intense attraction to Grace but the moment it happens he doesn’t fight it. He knows the gift he’s been given in finding her and not even her running can stop him.
There is so much about Jake and Grace’s story to love, but I don’t want to give any specifics because ,trust me, you don’t want spoilers. Their story had me feeling so many different emotions while reading. Moments of romance that were so spectacular they took my breath away. Action and suspense that had me biting my nails. Heartwarming love and family. And of course some delicious steamy heat to all round it out into another incredible addition to the series!

We are sisters who both share a passion for books. Our obsession for bad boys, alpha males, angst, romance, hot, sexy, and happily ever after has lead us on a journey, a dream to not only read all the incredible stories we love so much, but to write one of our own. 
Both born in Illinois, then moved to Wyoming, were we spent part of our childhood before moving to Mississippi.
Crystal lives in Pearl Mississippi with her husband of twenty-one years, two sons and their two dogs.
Sandy lives in Brandon Mississippi with her husband of eleven years, and four kids.



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