New Release + Review: Revenge Love by Kata Čuić

Revenge never felt so sweet.
Revenge Love by Kata Čuić is NOW LIVE!

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“Revenge Love is the perfect mix of imperfection, friendship, love, revenge, and angst. A flawless book mastered by Kata Cuic that I loved completely. Emma and Jason’s revenge is your 2018 necessity!” – Len Webster, bestselling author of Sometimes Moments.

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Revenge is sweet.

Emma Hastings has tried all her life to fit in. Throwing off her awkward high school years to become a member of a prestigious sorority at Wellbridge University, she has her sisters at her side, and the future spread out before her for the taking. Her senior year of college should be filled with parties, studying, and sweating between the sheets before she goes to medical school.

One night at a party changes everything. Dominoes collapse as quickly as they’re erected. Suddenly, everyone has something to gain and everything to lose.

Love is sweeter.

Jason Gould will never fit in so he doesn’t even try. Content to stay on the periphery of society, he works hard, plans for his future, and keeps to himself. His senior year should be filled with early morning shifts, gym sessions to keep his pent-up anger under control, and readying himself to face the rest of his life alone.

One ray of sunshine refuses to let him fall into darkness. Emma refuses to leave his side no matter what is thrown at them.

When a woman who is dying to fit in joins forces with a man who never will, they just may find they fit together in ways neither could have ever imagined, and they’ll discover a life well-loved is the sweetest revenge of all.

THREE 🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt!

I’m so torn on this book. There’s plenty I really, REALLY, love but also a lot that really, REALLY, pulled me out of the actual story. I think the best way to get my feelings across is to just break it down into what did it for me and why along with what didn’t and why without getting into too many details because spoilers. All of that said, I firmly believe there are a lot of people in the world right now that could benefit the lessons hidden inside this romance.

I fully admit, for quite a bit of this book I could not stand Emma. Now, I realize part of that is the entire point, Revenge Love is just as much about growth as it is romance. Emma had so much to learn and in truth a big chunk of that was to learn to check her privilege but eventually she grew on me as she opened her eyes to the realities so many people face including her friends. That said I eventually ended up sort of liking Emma and losing respect for nearly everyone around her. Her growth seemed to evolve into it being ok for everyone else around her to no longer treat her as a person with feelings half the time.

It’s such a difficult balance, I understand that, but it almost seemed as if the cost of this characters growth came at the price of characters I did love becoming people I really couldn’t stand at times.

There is definitely a running undercurrent of giving a voice to many forms of discrimination that are sadly alive and well affecting the lives of millions of people every day and I truly LOVED the fact Kata Čuić wove that into Revenge Love. It’s definitely something that when you read this will get you thinking and maybe even open some eyes to what people don’t even realize is happening in their own lives. I feel like that in itself makes this book worth the read. That said, at the end of the day as a romance reader this fell flat for me in the romance department.

Angst, angst, and more angst is the running theme with Emma and Jason for a large part of their story. While there’s still some swoony sweetness thrown in I felt like so much of the romance aspect was over shadowed by drama. I would have loved to have more time with them in calm waters instead of the hurricane of all they went through consuming the majority.


The crowd parts as a lone figure stalks out from one of the side rooms. A nondescript gray hoodie covers his face, but from the few gasps of those closest to the action, they know who he is. When he makes it to the center of the ring to stand by Kieran, Rosie and I use each other as leverage to perch on our toes for a better view.

Slowly, almost as if he both dreads and relishes this part, Jason lowers the hood, exposing his face to the crowd. Just as jeers break out, he continues to disrobe until he’s wearing nothing but a pair of faded, ripped jeans.

Silence descends on the basement.

“Oh my God,” Rosie breathes. “I don’t even like dick, but my panties are absolutely drenched right now.”

I can’t get my lungs working enough to respond, but I concur. All his time in the gym has paid off in dividends. Every inch of Jason’s torso is corded with thick muscle. He could give any of the football team, wrestling team, basketball team…hell, any team a run for their money.

About the Author:

Kata lives in the suburbs of Pittsburgh with her husband and three children.

When she isn’t in the writing cave, she’s cheering on her favorite sports teams:

the Pitt Panthers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Pittsburgh Pirates. It’s good to be a Steel City girl.

Connect with Kata:


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