Audiobook Review: Rocking Autum by Alyne Hart

Rocking Autumn by Alyne Hart

5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars from Ari

Narration: Steven Barrett

Length: 7 hrs, 42 mins




It’s been ten years since Jaxon West has seen Autumn Brooks. His high school sweetheart and the girl he’s loved all these years.

Jax. Sexy, tattooed, just a little bit cocky and the lead guitarist for The Living Room Sessions – an up and coming band in Chicago. He left Autumn behind when he moved from the small town of Walla Walla to Chicago to pursue his dreams. But not a day has gone by that he wasn’t filled with regret.

Book store owner Autumn moved on. Now it’s just her, her cat, her books and her cupcakes, and that’s the way she likes it. When Jax shows up, looking like sin and willing to do just about anything to win her back, she wasn’t prepared for the sparks between them, or the way Jax is still her kryptonite, despite her attempts to keep him at arm’s length.

Now she just has to hope she doesn’t get hurt when she falls hard for the guy who’s broken her heart once already. Can this second chance survive the long distance? Can it survive the tours, the jealousy and missed phone calls? Can it survive the secret Jax is holding on to?


Alyne Hart knows how to write a beautiful and emotional story! Second chance romances are one of my favorite tropes and I loved this one so hard!

Young love is such a fragile yet strong emotion all at once. There can be pain, but also healing if the love and bond are strong enough and with Jax and Autumn it was. Alyne Hart has this knack for making her characters so endearing to the reader/listener that you quickly become so invested in the story and feel right along with them. I suggest having a comfy place to curl up in and some tissues handy as you listen. My heart ached for Autumn and Jax and the monumental loss they endure, but I also sometimes wanted to shake each of them and tell them to get their crap together. Have no fear though! This isn’t just a tear jerker. This is also a story of healing and hope and a beautiful love. The story was so well written and characters so well developed that it was easy to get lost in it and I was sad when it was over. Luckily I can listen again and again! And I plan to very soon.

Steven Barrett is a new to me narrator and I really enjoyed his work. He made for a dreamy Jax and did great work of bring all the many emotions of the story to life. I’m excite for more from him. 5 Stars.


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