Mini Hatter Review: Sali And The Five Kingdoms by Oumar Dieng

Here at The Red Hatter Book Blog, we’re all moms. With children equally as in love with reading as we are we were more than a little excited by the news The Next Step PR was starting a sister branch for young (and young at heart) readers! My oldest daughter in particular couldn’t wait to take on the book blogging world, however, she’s not quite old enough to independently run a book blog so the idea of featuring reviews from our children aka the Mini Hatters here on Red Hatter was born. So, while we’re predominantly a romance book blog we will now include special posts featuring children’s and YA reads with reviews from the Mini Hatters and insight from the Mom Hatters. So, let’s kick off this fun new journey with a brand new wonderful release!

Sali and The Five Kingdoms RD


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Sali and The Five Kingdoms RD-2

Sali and the Five Kingdoms Final

A civilization is threatened, and she may hold the key to the world’s survival…

As a child, Sali watched her mother vanish into thin air. Despite knowing what she saw, no one believed her—including her family and the police.

Years later, she receives an anonymous note, hinting at her mother’s whereabouts. Unexpectedly, Sali is pulled into a dying world where she meets Yakhar, a young man who is next in line to rule over Centaura, a world of five kingdoms. A world that seems strangely familiar to Sali.

But the looming death of the planet has unleashed a dormant threat. Together, Sali and Yakhar must convince the council of elders to change a centuries-old law to defeat a race of powerful beings, or Centaura, and Sali’s mom, may be lost forever.

FOUR 🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt’s Mini Hatter!

Sali and The Five Kingdoms was read by my middle schooler. Her review is below, but first I want to give you mom’s POV on this one. This book managed to not only capture the attention of my ever picky daughter but hold it. I found her tucked away kindle in hand for hours enjoying the world this author created along with having the joy that she was so invested in the story she wanted to discuss her thoughts with me as she read. She did mention towards the start that it was a bit jumpy causing some confusion, but not so much that she couldn’t carry on and thoroughly enjoy the story. All and all, this book is a solid win from both Mom and mini!

Official review from the Mini Hatter:

This was an amazing book! I love how well the story is told and how well everything goes together. In the beginning of this book I was a little confused because, one thing would be happening but then on the next page a completely different thing would be going on. What I am trying to say is the transitions could be a bit better in the beginning.

In total This book was AMAZING. I would totally recommend this book to anybody who enjoys reading books with magic but is still based on the real world.

This book has become one of my new favorites. WOW!

Sali and The Five Kingdoms RD-3

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Sali and The Five Kingdoms RD-5

Oumar Dieng is an emerging American author. He writes young adult as well as regular fiction and non-fiction. His books tell stories that evoke vivid imagery and stimulate the imagination. He is also the host of the Motivational Voice Podcast, a podcast that focuses on creating positive habits. Sali and the Five Kingdoms is his debut novel.

Sali and The Five Kingdoms RD-6

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  1. Love this! Awesome review Mini Britt!!😁


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