New Release + Review + Giveaway + Excerpt: Do Not Respond by M.R. Field


Title: Do Not Respond
Author: M.R. Field
Genre: Romantic Comedy/Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: June 29, 2018
“Stick to the rules and you won’t have a
problem working for this arrogant, sanctimonious cad.” 


The Rules of DNR: How to Survive Working for Cole Lawson



Do Not
Emails are meant to be sent to yourself only—never to be re-read or responded
about your mean boss and don’t focus on the scruff on his chin. Ignore the
butterflies that flutter as he stares back at you and concentrate on his
condescending tone.
I wish I’d
I wish I’d
never drank my body weight in vodka and sent him a venting email, telling him
exactly what I really thought about his Lycra-wrapped package and the way he
makes my body hum.  
The last
thing I needed was to break those DNR rules and send an email to my boss. 
Work is
about to get a lot more interesting. What have I got myself into?
Julia’s 🎩🎩🎩 .5 review:
Do Not Respond will fill you with so much sweetness! Letty works for an arsehole. He may have been her best friend and crush long ago, but now he’s a jerk. Cole has fought his way through grief, shame, and guilt. He’s finally realizing what he has in front of him. Letty slowly let’s Cole back in, and they are adorable.

Letty is great! She’s strong, opinionated, and smart. She writes emails to herself about how much Cole pisses her off, never to see the light of day. It helps her remain professional around him at work and not strangle him. I do hate and feel for her when her dad puts down her passion, art. He believes she will get no where with it and that makes her want to prove him wrong. Cole is hard to love at first, he is a big jerk who seems to have it in for Letty. Slowly you start to see the real him and realize he’s stupid but lovable.

I enjoyed the playful banter between the characters, they had me laughing. I loved Letty and Cole, as well as their friends and family. I just feel like something was missing, I can’t quite put my finger on what it was. I feel like I was bogged down a lot throughout the story and the pacing was kind of off. Some places were slow and I felt myself skipping pages. Other places were fast and I felt like it was too much on one page. The romance and banter were great, I just wished it had a little more.

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on July 3, 2018


I stand and move my laptop to the other side of the desk and shuffle in my chair, tidying around it before watering my bamboo plant. My water bottle is empty, so I walk to the bathroom to refill it; I open the door and freeze.



Oh, my God.
Standing in the opened shower door is a very naked, wet, lean, and did I mention naked, Cole. The water continues to fall across his body and I’m trapped looking at him. How is water not going everywhere? His left arm is up against the wall as his other hand is moving up and down his cock. My pulse quickens and my grip tightens on the doorknob. I stand mesmerised, watching his shoulder muscles move with every stroke.
Holy shit he’s filled out since I saw him shirtless at the beach last. I can’t get over what my fingers ran over last night. He groans and I bite my lip, taking one more peek at his hand and then bum. Yes, it looks even better out of suit pants.
I remember squeezing that.
Okay. Not helping my libido. Time to do something about it.
I step in and close the door, flicking the lock behind me. Cole’s head turns to me, his hand halting, still grasping his hard cock. I run my eyes down his body and lick my bottom lip. I watch his taut muscles as I rest my eyes on his hand. His thumb brushes over the head of his cock and warmth gathers between my thighs.
I want him inside me so badly but his hand enthrals me. I walk towards him and join him in the shower room, closing that door behind me as well. My gaze flicks up to his. Water runs down the back of his head, covering his hot body.
The open doorway makes it almost impossible for me to not join him. But I want to watch him.
“I dare you,” I beg.
“To do what, Letty?” He asks seductively. Luring me in, making me move closer.
“Show me.” I move my hand towards my chest. “I want you to finish.”
“I’ll show you what you do to me.” His voice deepens, his eyes darkening. His elbow tenses. His hand tightens. The head of his cock throbs. He shifts his hand up along his shaft, and my eyes couldn’t leave him if I tried.
Author Bio
M R Field
is an author from Rural Victoria and has completed a Bachelor’s degree with
Honours from Latrobe University, Melbourne. After growing up with the river at
her front door, she returned back to her hometown after many years of living in
the city. She now lives a tranquil lifestyle with her husband, two young
children and effervescent dog, Zephyr .
M R Field
has always held a love for writing, filling journals as a child which
progressed to more eloquent pieces as an adult. After ten years of creative
instruction, she decided to turn these ideas into manuscripts. She adores
creating new story lines and is a big fan of a happily ever after, but believes
strongly in making her characters work for it.
She has
recently decided to join the independent publishing world with her debut novel,
Fragments, which released late 2014, alongside its subsequent novel,
Splinters that released in 2015. Fractures, her latest novel released on
October, 25th 2016. Do Not Respond, a standalone comedy, is releasing June
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