New Release + Double Review + Giveaway: Monday Night Guy by Liz Lovelocki

Title: Monday Night Guy
Series: My Guy Series #1
Author: Liz Lovelock
Genre: College Romance
Release Date: June 21, 2018
Parker Kent
. . .
and utter jerk
I made a
vow—a vow to steer clear of guys like Parker. But when he shows up every Monday
night at my workplace, that vow is torn to shreds. As much as I’d like, to I
can’t ignore a customer.
At some
point, a friendship forms. It’s not what I expected;
he’s not what I expected. Those walls I put up are being torn down
piece by piece, allowing Parker into my heart. Am I setting myself up for
disaster, or is my Monday-night guy just the antidote my wounded heart needs?


Julia’s 🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

Get ready to swoon with Monday Night Guy! Addison made a mistake. One kiss to a guy who was not her boyfriend has had serious repercussions. Her boyfriend is a jerk who, it eludes to, abused her. After catching him cheating on her she finally calls it quits. Enter Parker. The kissing mistake guy. He’s so in love with Addison it’s not even funny. He tried his hardest to get her to see him. Not as the player, jokester, jerk he portrays. After some flip flopping she finally gives into Parker. But wait, the ex won’t leave her alone. He’s caused some major drama.

I loved Parker, he is more than what he appears. Addison was pretty great minus the mood swings she continuously goes through. Her relationship with her brother was absolutely amazing. She’d do anything for him. Addison also has a great group of friends who have her back no matter what. The only downside was it just didn’t hold my attention for very long. I felt myself putting my kindle down more than necessary. Overall, Monday Night Guy is a sweet read with low drama and includes a guy who will make you swoon!

Britt’s 🎩🎩🎩.5 review:

Always down for a new college romance I had to dive in and take a chance on a new to me author! Monday Night guy packs a lot of angst, a lot of sweet, and a nice sizzling bit of steam in one package. Addison and Parker made me feel all kinds of ways while I was reading this. From crazy to heart melting they took my on quite the ride with their story.
Occasionally things were a bit too immaturely dramatic, seeming more like high school than college and for me that’s where the driving me crazy comes in. I’m always down for a bit of drama but sometimes it was just a bit over the top with Parker’s hot and cold demeanor and jealous exes running rampant. I’m glad I kept going and gave these two a chance though because they ended up pulling me in and making me love them. Once they overcame all the drama that was in their way the sweetest love began to grow and it absolutely melted my heart!

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Author Bio
Lovelock is from bright sunny Queensland in Australia. She is the mother of
three little monsters, a wife to an amazing husband and very much a lover of
everything books and reading. Liz has always loved books and, from a very young
age she began reading comic books and then in high school her passion grew. She
was given Tomorrow When The War Began by John Marsden for an assignment but,
when that was done she continued to discover new books to fall in love with.
Liz always
has a book she is currently enjoying and, a notebook beside her bed for in her
hand bag for when inspiration hits at those crazy times. She is a stationary
addict and will buy more notebooks and pens then what she needs. Her one click
finger likes to go crazy as well.
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