New Release + Review: Fight by Paige Hill

Title: Fight
Series: Fate Series #1
Author: Paige Hill
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 1, 2018
Cover Design: Tracie Douglas, Dark Water Covers
Fate has kicked my ass from day one.

My name is Teagan Langford and I grew up in the system. Just another child neglect case, crossing a cluttered desk. For a small window of time, I thought fate had taken mercy on me when the future District Attorney swept me off my feet. From the outside looking in, we have the perfect life together. The reality however, is my personal nightmare.

One violent night, fate forces me to make a choice and I must run to survive. With no money, food or place to live, I search for work where cash is king and questions won’t be asked. 

Once again, fate drops me in the hands of a handsome bartender who wants to help me. But everyone has secrets. Ones that have the potential to destroy everything.

A fugitive on the run, one determined stalker, an undercover agent and a high profile family with a lot to lose. Suddenly, I find myself fighting for life, love and freedom.
FOUR 🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt!

This book had me gasping on the first page, crying within minutes, and desperately cheering on Teagan to survive. This isn’t an easy and sweet story. My heart was more than broken for all Teagan endured. But this is a story of strength and resilience. Fight is a story of surviving, overcoming, and real fill your heart love. Paige Hill’s beautiful writing brings every character to life. You can feel every emotion pouring from the pages.

Teagan had me wanting to wrap her in a hug and never let go. Unbelievably strong she fights her way through what no one should ever have to with a little help from some amazing friends. Declan was immediately drawn to the mysterious and fragile woman who walks into the bar where he’s working. Both hiding some big secrets a sweet love starts to bloom between them as the past catches up.

Fight had me both on edge and swooning constantly. Declan and Teagan were incredible together and the suspense woven throughout their story made it even more addictive!

“This is my moment. I am no longer that scared little girl, the forgotten teen, or the naïve young woman desperate for love. I am a fighter.”

Paige typically spends her days surviving on copious amounts of coffee and fantasizing about the day she becomes a full-time writer. Because even Batman needs a day job, her morning hours are spent buying drugs (the legal kind), as a pharmacy purchasing coordinator for a growing health system. When she isn’t buying drugs, she’s dreaming up hot alphas and the strong women that test them. 

Paige lives in eastern Oklahoma with her husband, daughter and two furry body pillows known as “dogs”. 

Fun Fact: She is the pickiest eater you will ever meet and a firm believer that the real food groups are coffee, wine and Mexican food.

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