New Release + Review: Whatever It Takes by Laura Farr

Title: Whatever it Takes
Series: Healing Hearts #3
Author: Laura Farr
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 24, 2018
When Quinn Montgomery leaves the horrors of her past behind
her, she never expects to run straight into the arms of a blue-eyed cowboy.
Sneaking into the stables and getting caught in a life-threatening fire was
never part of the plan. And neither was falling in love with the man who saved
her life, Brody Parker. 
The two share an undeniable connection, and slowly Quinn
begins to open up about her past. Putting her trust in the wrong person has
burned her before, so when Brody asks her to stay at the ranch, she can’t help
but wonder if she’s about to make another bad decision by staying. A decision
that could hurt everyone she’s come to care for. 
Will Quinn choose to run from the past that threatens to
catch up with her? Or will she stay and fight, sacrificing whatever it takes
for the man who sets her heart on fire?
FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt!

I can’t put my finger on what exactly it is, because truthfully it’s many things, but something about this book just grabbed me from the start and made me love it. There are just so many things in Brody and Quinn’s story that are favorites for me. Sweet romance, a tight knit loving family, moments that have you on edge, and all on a ranch. Add in characters that you can’t help but love and you’ve got a read that you can’t put down.

Young, afraid, and running for her life Quinn escapes to a small town in Texas with nothing more that what she can carry. When she lands in the midst of Brody’s family during a terrifying moment they immediately adopt her into their fold. Brody is older, but still single and carefree. Never one to commit to more than a couple dates he’s thrown by the instant and deep pull he has to Quinn. As an adorably sweet and perfectly steamy love begins to grow between them Quinn’s past is getting closer and closer.

I loved the way Brody was with Quinn. His initial reluctance to start anything with her was quickly overshadowed by the deep feelings he tried to deny. He was so gentle, and so sweet with her. He brought all the swoon. These two together will absolutely melt your heart!

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Author Bio

Laura Farr lives in Shropshire with her husband and
two children. When she isn’t working, or being a Mummy she is pursuing her
dream of writing.
 She is a romantic at heart and loves nothing more than
writing stories with a happy ever after, even if there is the odd chapter of
angst thrown in! Her desire to write came from her love of reading and when she
isn’t writing you will find her attached to her kindle or spending time with
her family.


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