Audiobook Review: The Ruthless Gentleman by Louise Bay

The Ruthless Gentleman by Louise Bay

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars from Ari

Narration: Shane East, Erin Mallon

Length: 9 hrs, 3 mins




As a chief stewardess on luxury superyachts, I massage egos, pamper the spoiled and cater to the most outlandish desires of the rich and famous.

I’ve never had a guest want something I can’t give them. Until British businessman Hayden Wolf comes aboard—all sexy swagger and mysterious requests.

He wants me.

And Hayden Wolf’s a man who’s used to getting exactly what he demands.

Despite being serious and focused. Demanding and ruthless. He’s also charming when I least expect it as well as being devastatingly handsome with an almost irresistible smile.

But guests are strictly off limits and I’ve never broken a rule. Not even bent one. My family are depending on me and I can’t lose my job.

Only problem is Hayden Wolf is looking at me like I just changed his life. And he’s touching me like he’s about to change mine.

A standalone romance.


The Ruthless Gentleman was deliciously brilliant! I came for the romance, but the twists, turns, and steam made this audiobook totally worth the credit. It’s Louise Bay after all, so nothing less would do. Sexy, suspenseful, captivating, and an absolute must listen!

Avery Walker spends her days aboard luxury yachts as a stewardess. After her younger brother had an accident medical bills began to pile up. Forfeiting college she begins working to help her father chip away at the debt. Hayden Wolf is a business man and he’s good at what he does. Lately a rival has been edging him out of nearly all of his endeavors and he’s had enough. He plans for an 8 week trip aboard a yacht completely cutoff from everything. No cellphones, no WiFi, and no way of information being leaked. As they spend time together on board, their attraction begins to grow. Despite both being focused on their work and rules about not hooking up, theirs and professionally, their attraction was just too strong to ignore.

I loved Hayden. Jesus, he was swoon worthy! The man is oh so sexy and he knows it. He’s so contained yet scorching hot underneath it all. His inner musings about what he’d like to do to Avery had more steam than a sauna! I also adored Avery. She wasn’t just your typical perfect heroine who’s nearly a saint. She had doubts and insecurities too, but she was also incredibly strong, caring, and hardworking. I liked and admired her. Together Avery and Hayden’s chemistry was undeniable. I loved how Hayden wanted to take care of Avery and I loved how she challenged him and matched his strength with hers.

Narration was done by Shane East and Erin Mallon. I loved this narration pairing. Erin Mallon was fantastic narrating. I love her pacing and how she flawlessly gives each character their own voice. She’s one of my go-to narrators and has one of the best “male” voices ever. Shane East was as delicious as always. That accent! Yum. He can do no wrong. He could probably describe paint drying and make it sound amazing, but he had Louise Bay’s words so now I have another gentleman to add to my collection. 5 stars.


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